Lead Generation with Gamification

Gain new contacts at a lower cost, gather marketing permissions, and turn idle prospects into engaged leads.

Activate your funnel with interactive promotions

Gamification is an excellent way to attract attention and keep customers coming back.

It’s never easy to get data! But what if you made your lead generation entertaining? A discount code for a phone number, a chance to win a reward in exchange for an email, etc. With engaging content and gamified promotions, you can motivate your audience and improve your conversion rates.

To have a high conversion rate, lead generation must give more than it takes. Gamification uses the power of reciprocity – when people receive something, they feel obliged to return the favour. With an instant reward in exchange for valuable customer data, gamified promotions are a hard offer to refuse.

Benefits of gamification in lead generation

Our Promotion Types

We have a wide range of promotion types for you to choose from.

Take your performance to the Next Level

Encourage a sense of accomplishment, stimulate the right actions, generate efficiency and productivity. See how the BeeLiked Rewards platform is helping companies get better results, and how you can use gamification at your company.

Increase brand awareness

Offer your leads the opportunity to win amazing experiences or discounts. Award them points when they book a call, become a customer and more. Create a loyalty program that supports your strategic objectives.

Personalize experiences

Show your leads offers based on their preferences. Monitor activities and reward them in real time. Use automated digital rewards to motivate and reinforce positive behaviors.

Reduce the sales cycle

Motivate your leads to improve their knowledge of your products and services. Deliver the right information in a fun and engaging way to reduce the sales cycle.

Convert new business quicker

Incentivize your leads to become customers quicker by creating fun gamified promotions that add extra incentives and urgency to new purchases.

Track lead performance

Transform your company with insights that boost growth and productivity. Allow managers to associate goals with metrics. Find out what happened. Why did it happen? And what will happen in the future?

Create your personalized currency

Create a personalized currency to fit your brand. Reward your leads when they perform any positive behavior. Redeem points for experiences, special offers, discounts and more.

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