Gamification for the Manufacturing Industry

Apply gamification in manufacturing to provide automated rewards to employees for their contribution to their day-to-day work

Optimize the throughput of your manufacturing process

Manufacturing is a very competitive space. Optimizing your processes and keeping everything
organized and standardized is essential. You must avoid downtime by proactively managing
equipment failure and potential safety issues.

Continuous training and monitoring help to keep employees engaged, productive and safe.

Using BeeLiked, you can incentivize employees to follow your processes and continue their
education. You can clearly define goals and targets and provide them with real-time updates
on their progress.  Measure their performance and recognize them for their achievements.

The benefits of gamification in manufacturing

Educate for regular preventive maintenance

Postponing or delaying preventive maintenance affects worker safety, product quality, and overall productivity. Motivate and reward your team for following your processes and displaying positive behaviors.

Promote health and safety

Reinforce the importance of following safety procedures and the proper use of equipment. Develop an interactive training course. Set clear safety goals and let workers see their progress. Give recognition for completing related tasks and allow workers to recognize each other.

Organize and standardize your procedures

A productive manufacturing process depends on standardized procedures and organized space. Motivate and incentivize your employee’s adherence to your standards and procedures with the offer of micro-rewards. 

Create a better work environment

Foster team spirit with friendly competitions and challenges. Give managers and employees the ability to track their progress. Reward employees who bring their A-game and motivate others.

Keep products relevant

Engage your customers with your product. Give them points for each review and reward their purchases with points. Allow them to redeem points for gift cards. Spread your reach with special promotions for sharing or recommending your product to their friends.

Foster a culture of recognition

Studies show that most employees feel undervalued and not sufficiently recognized. Encourage 360-degree recognition. Know and reward employees who are identified as your top performers.

Take your performance to the Next Level

Encourage a sense of accomplishment, stimulate the right actions, generate efficiency and productivity. See how the BeeLiked Rewards platform is helping companies get better results, and how you can use gamification at your company.

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