Simple pricing for everyone.

Flexible plans with add-ons to fit organizations of all sizes. Start with 1,000 interactions and if you require more, simply top-up in app. Easy.



Save 20% with an annual plan

1,000 Monthly Interaction Allowance.
2x Interactions with an annual plan

• Games of Chance
• 2 User seats
• Public promotions

Free 14 day trial, no credit card required.



Save 20% with an annual plan

2,500 Monthly Interaction Allowance.
2x Interactions with an annual plan

• Same as Starter but also
• 5 User seats
• Zapier Integration
• API Access
• Private promotions

Free 14 day trial, no credit card required.



Annual plan

Custom Interaction Allowance.

• Same as Pro Plan but also
• 20 Users seats
• Account management & access to BeeLiked Studio
• Advanced functionality including Domain Masking
• Remove powered by BeeLiked branding


Mutiple accounts that benefit from volume discounts

Choose the features and support you require.

Platform Features

Explore the BeeLiked Platform features

Interactive Promotions

BeeLiked Campaigns are easy-to-create that you can share anywhere using a link. They’re unlimited, so you can create as many as you’d like.


The front-end allows you to use the same brand guidelines and settings for desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Match your brand style and add your colors and fonts.

Access templates crafted by professionals to get a head start on your Campaign

Create, save, and re-use your Campaigns across your account

Easily share and use your digital assets across all of your BeeLiked Campaigns and Accounts

Choose from almost 1,000 unique Google Fonts for use across you account.

Add Typekit fonts for use in BeeLiked campaigns across your account.

If you have the code skills the only limitation is your imagination

Easily edit custom emails you can send to your Campaign entrants


Collect data at scale. Your audience expects personalized experiences but this is a challenge given data and privacy regulations. BeeLiked helps you solve this problem by giving you the tools to acquire data and permissions using fun, exciting and value-driven campaigns.

Capture additional information from your users via Custom Fields when entering your Campaign. These custom fields are incredibly flexible & powerful.

GDPR compliant Opt-In data capture

Ask different questions dependent on the number of times someone has entered your campaign

Keep as much data as you need for as long as you need. Dependent on plan.

Easily export all your campaign data as a CSV file

We run BeeLiked on one of the most secure, trusted and reliable cloud computing environments available on the planet. An Approved Scanning Vendor monitors our servers and performs regular vulnerability and web application scans. We use multiple logging and notification utilities to notify us of any suspicious activity. Our data centers are PCI compliant and meet or exceed ISO 9000 standards.

Campaign Management

Make entry moderation and management easy. Control when your campaign will run and who can enter all from one easy to use interface.

Control who can enter your interactive promotions. Set a total number of times somebody can enter, or have a daily limit based on their email address.

Translate visitor and contact data into highly personalized promotions that adapt to each individual’s characteristics in real-time.

By default your competition will be available to anyone in the world, you can restrict or allow entries from specific countries (not cities) using this setting.

The Secret Code is allows you to validate an input before allowing an entrant to continue.

Show automatic messages to let entrants know whether they’ve won or not

Easily allocate prizes and rewards to your campaign entrants

Setup multiple prizes in your campaign and attribute wins to specific outcomes

These can be vouchers, a discount code or even merchandise.

Draw winners from a selected date range

Draw winners randomly for your campaigns with confidence within BeeLiked

If you’re running a campaign with a game of skill this allows you to draw manual winners

Build a random list of winners based on any criteria you’d like


Get a dedicated landing page / microsite for everyone of your BeeLiked campaings

Anybody can enter your campaign. All you need to do is just share the link to your promotion via email, social, website, or some other way to your audience.

Direct entrants to your campaign using QR codes

Easily embed your Campaign into as many web pages as you like

Run your campaign in a smart popup that can trigger on page views, tab clicks or page exits

Easily update the terms and conditions for your Campaign

The Post Entry Redirect allows you to redirect users to a specified URL once all the actions in your campaign have been completed.

Your BeeLiked Campaigns will be accessible from a branded URL (

These are great for rewarding loyalty. Restrict who and under what conditions someone can enter your promotion. No need to pass any data to BeeLiked.

Use language files to have your campaign in the right language

Send emails that looks like they originate from your domain. Monthly allowance of 25,000 emails. Overage applies after fair usage policy is exceeded.

Your BeeLiked Campaigns will be accessible from a branded URL that doesn’t contain any reference to BeeLiked

Your campaign entrants won’t see any BeeLIked branding on your campaigns.


You can choose to add this entry method to your campaigns to reward entrants for referring their friends when entering. When an entrant unlocks the Viral Share entry method it will generate them a unique link through which all their referrals will get credited.

Upload allows you to accept media of various sources for your campaigns. Currently you can choose the media types you want to accept and also the file size limit.


Use the BeeLiked API to integrate your interactive promotions into your ecosystem

Integrate with 1,000+ other apps via Zapier to streamline and automate your custom workflows.


Easily see all your data from all your campaigns in one place. 

Quick view to see your key stats and KPIs for your campaigns. Learn what’s working so you can focus on profitable campaigns and strategies.

Easily add google tracking to your promotions

Easily add any tracking code you need to your promotions


Invite your team to BeeLiked to review and collaborate on work. If you need more users than the plan includes we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

Set up teams inside BeeLiked to easily share campaigns and change permissions.

If you have multiple brands, divisions or clients you can use the Account Linker module

Testing a campaign before it’s published will ensure that the campaign functions and appears as expected. It’s also an opportunity to address unexpected issues.

Security & Compliance

Restrict permissions on your account to maintain privacy. Easily assign and change user permissions from ‘Admins,’ ‘Authors,’ or ‘Viewers.’

Security is our top priority. We get binannual pen tests from third-party auditors. We also have an Intrusion Detection System that proactively monitors our application servers and infrastructure. Additionally, we enforce security training and compliance from all employees.

If someone tries to repeatedly guess your password, we lock your account and immediately let you know.

All BeeLiked microsite and landing pages display “HTTPS” with a padlock next to the URL—a clear signal to your campaign entrants that your pages come from a secure source.

BeeLiked encrypts all data entering or leaving Heap infrastructure with TLS/HTTPS. Additionally, all of our databases (all located in AWS) are encrypted at rest. Each account’s data is logically separated, and access to your data is protected by strong authentication and authorization controls.

Since day one of GDPR implementation (May 25, 2018), we’ve been a compliant platform with proper processes and documentation in place.

Session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials. Single sign-on (SSO) makes it easier and more secure for you to manage usernames, permissions, and authorizations all from one place.

You can make your BeeLiked login process extra secure by requiring a trusted device in addition to a password. 2FA is available on the Professional and Enterprise plans.

Help & Support

A comprehensive set of guides and videos to help you and your team make the most of BeeLIked

24/7 email support with priority based on plan level

Chat support during European business hours

Book live video calls with our team to help you get the most out of the BeeLiked platform

Jump to the front of our support queue and get help quicker

A member of our team will dedicate time to helping you and your team get set up and comfortable with BeeLiked.

Trusted by startups and the world’s largest companies

BeeLiked Client Logos

User Interactions

The fuel that runs your promotions on BeeLiked.

BeeLiked Interactions Screenshot

Entry into a promotion or campaign is counted as an Interaction

Each plan comes with a monthly interaction allowance. If it looks like you may run out you can easily top-up within the platform. 

As long as you maintain an active subscription your interactions will not expire and can be used in future campaigns. 

BeeLiked Studio

Our dedicated team can design the perfect campaign for you.

Have the perfect capaign without raising a finger.

We understand that not everyone has the time or skill to design a campaign and our team at BeeLiked studio is ready to help.

Let us create your campaign exactly how you want it, to brand, without you having to learn or design anything.

From $150/hr you can sit back and relax.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions we can help, contact us anytime.

Entry into a promotion or campaign is counted as an Interaction. Additional Interactions may be taken for certain optional features that can be switched on during promotion set up. These are clearly marked.

The included allowance of 1,000 Interactions lasts 30 days. This does not roll over

That’s ok. You can easily purchase an Interaction Package within the platform.

These can be purchased within the platform by any admin user. As long as you maintain an active subscription these do not expire. Here is a guide, but there are many more options within the platform.
Interaction Package One-Off Cost
1k $230
10k $1,900
20k $3,400
50k $7,000

We regularly see a conversion rate of 55% on BeeLiked powered campaigns, so for every 100 people that land on your campaign page, 55 are likely to enter.

You will be shown a warning within the app and by email if you are getting close to your Interaction limit. There is a buffer built into the system to ensure that your promotion stays running for a short while after the limit is reached. Your promotion will expire if warnings are ignored.

If you want your promotion or campaign to continue you can simply purchase an additional Interaction package.

BeeLiked has a number of 3rd party integrations available including for data exports: Mailchimp, Hubspot, Experian, Formstack. For analytics: Tealium, Google Analytics, Matomo + ability to add your own pixel and link tracking codes. We also have integrations with and the ability to upload your own coupon codes. For social sign in and certain campaign functionality, there are integrations with Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr. Should you be interested in other Integrations, we are always happy to discuss.

Yes, you can try BeeLiked out for free for up to 14 days. You don’t need to pay anything until you are ready to launch your first campaign or promotion.

You may upgrade your Account at any time. You may downgrade or cancel at any time and this will take effect at your next billing event.

There is no obligation to renew, but it is your responsibility to cancel your plan before each billing event. Our annual Business plan is an upfront payment with an optional renewal. Our Enterprise plans are subject to contract and typically are for one to three years.

For payment via the platform, our billing partner is Stripe. We are able to accept all major credit cards. For high volume Enterprise plans we typically invoice and require wire transfer payment before a campaign can launch.

You do not need to enter a credit card in order to create an account. However, before you can launch a live promotion, you will need to have upgraded your Account and entered billing information. If you have an Enterprise Plan, we are able to arrange billing via invoice and wire transfer. If your finance team requires an invoice or PO number or W8 form, please get in touch and the team will be happy to assist you.

No. You can create a free account right now and start building your interactive promotions at no cost. You will need to upgrade your Account prior to going live with your campaign. 

Clients on an Enterprise plan are able to receive an invoice and make payments via wire transfer. If you wish to purchase an annual Business Plan and your finance team requires an invoice with a purchase order or other information such as W8 forms, please reach out to the team who will be happy to assist you.

We take the security of your campaign data extremely seriously. The BeeLiked team have no access to sensitive client data and under your Account permissions you are able to control which of your users are able to download data. BeeLiked is hosted on AWS in the EU and employs a team of network and security professionals to maintain the security of the systems and put in place processes to eliminate system weaknesses. We are happy to share information on our security set up with our Enterprise clients. 

You may cancel your subscription at anytime before the end of your next billing event or in the case of Enterprise customers, according to your contract. Once cancelled, your previous campaigns will be locked and to comply with privacy laws all data and all campaign content removed within 30 days. Your Account will remain locked until you upgrade to a paid subscription.

To store your data you must maintain an active subscription. Once your Account is cancelled, at the next billing event, access to your previous campaigns and data will be locked. You will still be able to access your Account, however all functionality and previous campaigns will no longer be accessible and in order to comply with data privacy laws, any data collected will be deleted within 30 days.