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Delivering continuous engagement that
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Interactive promotions

Our pre-built, interactive promotions library lets you connect with audiences while collecting actionable data. Marketers can easily clone, customize, and deploy promotions. Whether it’s a traditional spin wheel or our take on the fun fair game “grabber,” we’ve got a promotion to meet your business goals.

Show you value your audience

Modern consumers need to be entertained, engaged, and get something in return for their attention and valuable data. BeeLiked incorporates incentive mechanics and digital rewards that offer a tangible value exchange for your audience’s data.

Reduce your costs

Gamifying the reward process and using games of chance can reduce the cost of providing rewards because it allows the rewards to be distributed more evenly and fairly. This ensures that the rewards are not overly concentrated on a small number of individuals, reducing the reward program’s cost.

Fan advocacy

BeeLiked has a library of innovative promotion types that allow you to connect and engage with your audience in a fun and authentic way. Offer your audience the opportunity to benefit from a new discount or promotion. Create a loyalty program that supports your strategic objectives.

Data acquisition & permission

With the first and zero-party data you acquire using BeeLiked, you will better understand your audience’s motivations, preferences, and needs and be able to drive even more personalized promotions.

Publish to every digital channel

BeeLiked promotions can be published to every owned, earned, and paid channel, from a small digital advert to a QR code on a coaster to the largest screen. If it’s digital and your audience spends time there, BeeLiked can have your campaign front and center.

Rapid deployment

You can quickly create high-converting, data-collecting promotions with easy-to-use creative editors and intuitive control with simple out-of-the-box functionality. You have the power to create promotions without needing coding experts for support.

Integrated solution

All the permissions and preference insights collected from BeeLiked can be pushed seamlessly into your CRM, EMP, CDP, and analytics platforms in real time, where it can power genuinely personalized marketing.

Enterprise scale

BeeLiked has the scalability, infrastructure, speed, and agility to help brands and companies create real-time, engaging experiences. We provide an AWS cloud-based platform with 2FA, single sign-on capabilities, integrations, APIs, and more.

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