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Reward positive behaviors, build lasting relationships and deliver
value with every interaction with our scalable platform.

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Delivering continuous engagement that builds trust & drives loyalty

1. Choose your campaign

Choose from our range of campaign types and select a design to start creating your promotion.

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2. Customize

Customize every aspect of your promotion from brand, rewards and what opt-in data you receive.

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3. Publish

Publish your promotion, embed it on your websites and share it across your social media platforms.

4. Engage

Engage and inspire your audience with your personalized campaigns and promotions no matter the channel.

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Collect valuable opt-in data and qualified leads.


Increase your global Brand awareness and expand your audience.


Your audience's motivations, preferences and needs.

Identify & Analyze

Your most successful channels and loyal customers to make profitable marketing decisions.


Your brand messaging and online experience to deliver the personalized campaigns and promotions that your audience expect.

Incentivize & Reward

Your audience, customers and employees for their time, data, loyalty and performance

How BeeLiked Works

Who is BeeLiked For?

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Meet your clients demands by saving time by building your interactive campaigns on BeeLiked. Help your clients to deliver continuous engagement that builds trust and drives loyalty.

Ideate and proto-type your next award winning campaign and share with your teams and clients. Reduce the delivery time without comprising the results.
Comms Teams
Your brand audience needs to be entertained, engaged and rewarded for their attention and information. Generate earned content and develop a deeper and more authentic affinity with each segment of your digital audience.
Marketing Teams
We help marketers to connect with their audience and build lasting relationships. BeeLiked provides a secure, cross channel, value exchange mechanic, to enable you to offer truly personalized promotions that resonate with your customers and prospects.
Sales Teams
Incentivize and reward your customers, employees and channel partner's loyalty and performance.

Drive sales, reward performance and give instant recognition. Integrate BeeLiked into your reward programs and increase engagement and productivity.

More about BeeLiked

We offer three different promotion game types.  Games of Chance, Skill & People Powered.

Integrate Interactive Promotions into your tech stacks. Dead Simple. Super Powerful.

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Free 14 day trial, no credit card required.