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Average visit to entry conversion rate

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With the BeeLiked platform, you can create experience-rich campaigns that will resonate with your digital audience allowing you to build more meaningful relationships whilst simultaneously growing your marketing data, and rewarding loyalty.

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Capture data

Capture Data

Interactive experiences created with the BeeLiked platform have a conversion rate in excess of 40%. Data capture is often at the heart of each campaign, with social sign in via Facebook being the preferred entry method. There are no limits to the data that you are able to request, however it is always best practice to keep entry forms to a minimum.

*conversion rate of unique visitors to campaign entries. 40% is the average conversion achieved by brands working with the BeeLiked Studio Team.

Viral by Design

Campaigns are designed to maximize the word of mouth effect, with social share messages integrated into the entry process of each campaign. Every message is customizable and as all shared links can be tracked to the individual that posted the message, it is easy to measure the viral effect.

Viral by design
BeeLiked software

Software & Creativity

With our ever-growing range of interactive experiences, there are limitless possibilities to create standout campaigns to engage your audience.

Usability is as important as functionality.  But we also understand that any tool is only as powerful as the ideas that it is used to create.  So, our team is here to help ensure your campaigns stand out. We can help you develop ideas that connect your brand with your audience and differentiate you from your competition.