Gamified promotions that
inspire action

Drive loyalty and lead generation with interactive promotions that integrate with your existing technology

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Cut through the noise with gamification

Use gamification to increase your business awareness

Create fun and gamified experiences for your audience and fans.

Turn leads into micro-influencers. Engage and incentivize your audience with personalized campaigns and promotions no matter the channel. With our range of gamification solutions, we can not only help you increase brand awareness but increase both employee and customer loyalty as well as engagement.

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Get the data you need to grow your revenue

Grow your revenue with our lead generation solutions

More leads mean more revenue for you.

Create high-quality leads, collect marketing opt-ins, and gain the insights you need to identify your next customer. With our range of promotion types, you can create an interactive, gamified experience that increases engagement and leads. 

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Offer value to your customers and get customer loyalty in return

Build customer loyalty

Value is the only thing your customers want from you.

Reward positive behaviors, build lasting relationships, and deliver value with every interaction with gamified promotions and customized offers.

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Engage your employees

Make your employees and teams happier

Companies who look after their employees see greater success.

Incentivize and reward your employee’s performance. Drive sales performance, reward training, and give instant recognition through our range of interactive solutions

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Easy to Use Platform

Customizing your promotion is simple. Start with a pre-designed template and then click to edit.

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Choose your promotion

Choose from our range of promotion types, select a design or build your own.

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Customize every aspect of your promotion from brand, rewards, and the opt-in data you receive.



Publish your promotion, embed it across your channels, and watch your reach grow.

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Engage, incentivize and reward your audience with your personalized promotions.

Make every campaign a winning campaign

Put gamification at the centre of your promotions. Increase Awareness. Drive revenues. Build Loyalty.

Trafalagar increased sales by 20%

Persil had 1M+ entries with a 90% coupon redemption rate.

GLH converted 65% visitors into leads.

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