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Understand your Audience

Collect data at scale. Your audience expects personalized experiences – but this is a challenge with data and privacy regulations. BeeLiked helps you solve this problem by giving you the tools to acquire data and permissions using fun, exciting and value-driven campaigns.

Interactive promotions get people to actively participate by answering questions, guessing, navigating, or clicking.

Use BeeLiked to discover the personal characteristics, needs, and pains of your customers.

BeeLiked Illustration
BeeLiked Illustration

Timing is everything

Activate your Data

Present the right message at the right time to each prospect and significantly improve the audience experience as well as your engagement, conversion and lead-gen rates.

Use your BeeLiked data to drive:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Remarketing
  • Email Personalization
  • Sales
  • Business Intelligence
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What customers want

Make it Personal

Customers don’t just want personalized outreach – they expect it.

Translate visitor and contact data into highly personalized promotions that adapt to each individual’s characteristics in real-time.


BeeLiked Illustration
BeeLiked Illustration

Measure ROI

Track Performance

Our interactive promotions platform gives you the tools to measure any interaction that is important to you. Easily get a clear understanding of how your campaign is performing and measure its ROI.

By measuring how users interact with your interactive campaigns, you gain the insights needed to quickly identify and leverage any actionable sales signals.

Easily identify the interactive experiences and channels that generate the best results.

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Connect with your systems

Easily share the data collected with your interactive promotions with your favorite CRM or customer database to get a better overview.

All the permissions, preference insights and data collected can be pushed seamlessly into your CRM, EMP, CDP and analytics platforms in real time to power your personalized marketing.

We provide managed instances of the platform, SSO capabilities, and integrations with APIs and much more.

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More about BeeLiked

Reward positive behaviors and build lasting relationships. Deliver value with every interaction with our scalable platform.

Integrate Interactive Promotions into your tech stacks. Dead Simple. Super Powerful.

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