About Us

Offering everyone access to high quality, interactive marketing promotions.

BeeLiked is a software company based in London, founded by Damian Dutton, and Ian Edwards with the belief that high quality interactive marketing promotions should be available to everyone, not just those with huge budgets.

We help marketers identify and reward their next influencer, the most loyal customer or their best performing employees. This can help marketers spread the efforts and budget more effectively. We’re excited to help solve this problem, and hopefully, to allow more organizations to have access to sophisticated digital campaigns that only those with large budgets could before.

Our Mission & Vision

To assist organizations of all kinds to engage, inspire, incentivize and reward their audiences, customers and employees using interactive gamified promotions.

Meet our Team

Damian Dutton Co-Founder BeeLiked

CEO, Co-Founder

Gamification Expert and serial entrepreneur. Runs the show here. He doesn’t take himself too seriously but he is deeply passionate about making BeeLiked a great company.

Ian Edwards Co-Founder BeeLiked

COO, Co-Founder

Ian lets Damian think he runs most of the show at BeeLiked. He has had a diverse career from banking to real estate and now tech. When not working he enjoys rugby, wine and spending time with his wife. You can pick the order!

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