Pop the Balloon

The pop the balloon game needs little in the way of introduction. It's a game of chance that allows your audience to pop a balloon for the chance to win great prizes. It's perfect for either customer or employee incentives.

Pop the Balloon Features

Custom design

Customize the design of your pop the balloon game by uploading your own imagery or have our team design something just for you.

Share anywhere

Hosted by us, but promoted by you. Embed on your website, post to social or in emails or keep it private and select who can enter with our InviteLink technology. 

Personalize and Automate

Personalize the experience with placeholders, automate emails after each entry, distribute your own unique discount codes or e-gift cards to winners. 

Set the winning probabilities

Create multiple prize options and set the winning probabilities or reach out to the team and we’ll help set it up for you.

Collect data and insights

Create entry forms to collect any data or opt in permissions or control entry with our InviteLink technology. Make it personal or anonymous – you’re in control.

Integrate easily

Connect with Zapier for 4000+ popular tools like Salesforce, Hubspot & Mailchimp or integrate gamification into your application with our API.

GDPR Compliant

Build your Marketing Database

Grow your lead funnel with your own branded Pop the Balloon game. Choose what data to collect and what GDPR compliant permissions to request. 

Automate invites to play after online or in-store purchases and learn more about your existing customers, driving repeat businesses with discount codes or target offers. 

Control who gets to play

Reward loyal customers and staff

Reward loyalty with fun gamified promotions to incentivize existing customers to return or capture insights to help tailor your future marketing to each individual’s interests and location.

You’re in full control and can even create automated ways to send unique invite links to customers triggered by events in your own applications or third party tools like Salesforce, Hubspot & Shopify and thousands more. 


Try Pop the Balloon

Pop the Balloon to Win

The pop the balloon game needs little in the way of introduction. It’s a game of chance that allows your audience to pop a balloon for the chance to win great prizes. It’s perfect for either customer or employee incentives.

Frequently asked questions

Learn about our slot machine

With BeeLiked, you can create these promotions to engage and motivate your audience and reward them with prizes. Our platform is intuitive, easy to use, and does not require programming skills.

Yes. You can customize everything, including color, text and imagery. The only limitation is your imagination. Choose from pre-designed templates in the platform to get started and then alter the design completely customized to your brand.

You can configure your promotion to have up to 50 different prize options. The system will distribute prizes according to the odds that you set. You can also set the number of users that will not win a prize.

Prize assignment can be done in two ways depending on the type of prize. Instant win prizes assigned by probability are given away according to your odds. Sweepstake prizes are given at a time and date specified by you.

When you add your prizes to the Pop the Balloon, you can set the number of each prize available. If all the prizes are given away, the prize will no longer be shown to any user, and only the remaining prizes will be shown.

It’s up to you and how you set up your promotion. If your pop the balloon promotion is for lead generation with an entry form, then you can set limits on how often the same person can enter (restriction by email address). Additionally, you can set your pop the balloon game to be private where entry is by invite only. You then need to send InviteLinks or give invite codes to each person you wish to play. Each link or code is valid for one play only. 

Yes. Before playing the Pop the Balloon, you can collect any data you need by adding an entry form. Using the BeeLiked custom form builder, you can easily choose the type of question to ask: text box, numerical, dropdown, radio button, and more. You can also ask your users to opt-in to your Newsletter, blog, or any other update you’d like to send to them.

Yes. There are several ways to do this: Export data as a CSV file, or via a third-party tool such as Zapier into a Google sheet, or you can use the BeeLiked REST API. You can configure what data you want to export. Do a bulk export of every entry you’ve ever had or filter down to a particular user on a particular day in a particular promotion. It’s up to you.

Yes. Depending on your BeeLiked plan, you can do this. This option is useful for digital prizes such as promotional codes or discount coupons. The users play the game and receive their result message in their email inbox.

Yes. Using your unique embed code accessed from within the BeeLiked platform, you can add your Pop the Balloon promotion to your website, blog, or e-commerce store. Or you can simply share the URL of your promotion on email, or social media, share it as a QR code, or distribute it via any other channel you want to.

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