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Seamless Integration

We make it easy for developers to integrate BeeLiked powered campaigns into existing applications through our secure one use Entry Link technology.

  • Control when and who gets to play a promotion.
  • Personalize the entry experiences by encoding data in the Entry Links
  • Create a seamless entry without sharing personally identifiable user data. 
  • Integrate game result data with your own internal systems. 
  • Automate workflows with your internal systems and third party apps.
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Speed is everything

Prebuilt Integrations

Use integrations from our marketplace that turbocharge your campaigns including:
  • Zapier
  • Pie Sync (coming soon)
  • Mailchimp
  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce
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Our API in Action

Control is everything

Entry Link In Action

Our Entry Link technology enables developers to create a seamless customer experience with complete control over who and how often their application users can enter a BeeLiked powered promotion. 

Entry Links are secure, one use URL’s that can encoded user information to create a personalized experience or can even be entirely anonymous.  Entry Links can be created in bulk in advance or on demand as required. 

Our API documentation is available to developers to explore integration options. To request an API key and discuss your integration requirements, please get in touch via the Contact Sales form to arrange an initial call. 

require ('beeliked/client.php');
const client = new BeeLikedClient({
   apiKey: '**************',
   apiSecret: '*********************'

// Generates a one time URL to allow an entry to a
// specific promotion

   '' , // User ID
      'first-name' => '' // Edit

// Click 'run' to generate a unique access url
Powered by Beeliked
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More about BeeLiked

We offer three different promotion game types.  Games of Chance, Skill & People Powered.

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