Online Advent Calendars

Whilst an online advent calendar is a great way to promote your business over the festive period, it can also be used as a way to promote offers during other months of the year. Each day a new window can be unlocked with special offers or entry to a Sweepstakes. 

Advent Calendar Features

Fast and Easy

Set up your advent calendar in hours with ready made templates or have our team design one for you.

Embed Anywhere

Multiple options for embedding in your webpages, masking the domain, deploying as banners or pop up widgets.

Personalize the landing pages

Personalize the winning messages and even automate emails to entrants according to their result. Integrate with coupon providers or upload your own codes.

Choose How Many Windows

Choose the number of windows and the number of prizes on your advent calendar.

Collect Opt In Marketing Data

Collect all the GDPR-compliant marketing data you need for audience segmentation, targeting and personalized product recommendations.

Distribute unique coupon codes

If your goal is to reward customers or drive traffic to your store, then you can upload your own one use coupon codes or purchase gift cards to give each entrant.

GDPR Compliant

Build your Marketing Database

Build your audience reach with fully responsive, exciting gameplay. Fully mobile compatible and customizable, our Advent Calendar can help bring a competitive edge to your marketing campaign.

Build a stronger bond with your audiences with our exciting game of chance to get them on board with chances to win real prizes. Bring a competitive edge to your marketing campaign with potential leads in one simple step.

Control who gets to play

Reward loyal customers and staff

We all like to be recognized. Your customers are no different. Use BeeLiked’s online Advent Calendar to incentivize existing customers to engage with your products, offering unique experiences completely tailored to them.

Fully managed by you, everybody wins. You’ll thank us later.  

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about our Advent Calendar

With BeeLiked, you can create a digital Advent Calendar to engage and motivate your audience and reward them with prizes. Our platform is intuitive, easy to use, and does not require programming skills.

Yes. You can customize everything. The only limitation is your imagination. Choose from pre-designed templates in the platform, or design an Advent Calendar completely customized to your brand.

Of Course! We recommend you don’t add too many windows, but it’s entirely up to you. You set the open and close times for each window. So if you want a window open for just 24 hours, that’s easy to do, or you can set any other time period you need. You can also enable a countdown to show how long it is before a window opens or closes.

You can configure your Advent Calendar to have as many prizes as you need behind each window. The system will distribute them until the maximum number of prizes you have set for a particular window is reached. 

Prize assignment can be done in two ways depending on the type of prize. Instant win prizes are given away up to the maximum number you set. This is not driven by probability or any odds. Advent calendar is not a game of chance. Sweepstake prizes are given at a time and date specified by you.

When you add prizes to your Advent Calendar, you set the number of prizes available behind each window. If all the prizes are given away, the prize will no longer be available, and the user will see a message that you can configure.

Yes. Before opening a window, you can collect any data you need by adding an entry form. Using the BeeLiked custom form builder, you can easily choose the type of question to ask: text box, numerical, dropdown, radio button, and more. You can also ask your users to opt-in to your Newsletter, blog, or any other update you’d like to send to them.

Yes. There are several ways to do this: Export your data as a CSV file or via a third-party tool such as Zapier into a Google sheet, or you can use the BeeLiked REST API. You can configure what data you want to export. Do a bulk export of every entry you’ve ever had or filter down to a particular user on a particular day in a particular promotion. It’s up to you.

Yes. Depending on your BeeLiked plan, you can do this. This option is useful for digital prizes such as promotional codes or discount coupons. The users open a window and receive their result message in their email inbox.

Yes. Using your unique embed code accessed from within the BeeLiked platform, you can add your Advent Calendar to your website, blog, or e-commerce store. Or you can simply share the URL of your Advent Calendar on email, or social media, share it as a QR code or distribute it via any other channel you want to.

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