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Do you have questions about gamification and how gamified rewards can be used? We've gathered the most frequently asked questions in this FAQ.
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1. Gamification and gamified promotions

What is gamification?

Gamification is adding game mechanics into nongame environments, like a website, eCommerce store, online learning portal, corporate intranet, online community, and more, to increase participation. Gamification aims to reward leads, customers, employees, and channel partners for their data, time, performance, and other positive actions that impact your business.

Why does it work?

Games and promotions can create a sense of intrinsic motivation that grows over time. A successful experience taps into our need for competition, rewards, and status; this creates opportunities for you to increase audience engagement, participation, loyalty, and influence and drive specific behaviors.

It can create a state of flow. Flow is the mental state of a person performing an action and fully immersed in a feeling of focus, involvement, and enjoyment. It’s the ideal moment for you to convey key messages you want them to remember and incentivize actions you would like them to perform.

Rather than feeling marketed or sold to, the right game or promotion will engage your audience in a task or behavior. While your entrant goes through your game or promotion, you can share messages or updates in an authentic and timely way.

Merging games or promotions that require skill or knowledge with your key marketing messages gives you the opportunity to generate awareness and be remembered. No other marketing technique can do that.

What makes a successful gamified promotion?

Match your goals with the right gamification mechanic. Some promotions are more effective than others. For example, when trying to engage existing audiences vs. generating lots of new leads and conversions, you need to choose a suitable method that relates to your targeted outcome.

Know your target audience. Only some games will be effective for all audiences. Consider the game or experience most appropriate for your target audience and your marketing goals.

Use the right incentive. If your game or promotion offers an incentive such as a social reward, vouchers or coupons, or unique content, ensure you match the appropriate incentive with your target audience. What does your audience want, and what will motivate them?

Keep it simple. Make sure you design your game or promotion so it’s clear and straightforward for your audience to understand how it works, what you’re asking them to do, and what they get out of it.

We’re a serious company. Will gamification work for us?

Absolutely! Just read what our clients have to say.

As a luxury retailer that operates in the online and offline space, creating customer promotions that resonate with our audience and succeed in driving footfall to our stores, requires a technology partner with creativity and professionalism. Not only does the BeeLiked platform offer a great range of gamified promotions with entry security and scannable in-store coupons, but the team’s hard work and determination to deliver a successful campaign are impressive.

Jessica Anelli | Product Experience Manager | Holt Renfrew

Isn’t gamification just about fun games?

That’s just a myth. Gamification is not just for fun; by using the human need for play and competition, many business problems can be tackled, including motivating and driving employee performance.

By using a gamified incentive program on the BeeLiked platform, we increased our staff motivation and performance scores by up to 10% across our various properties. We look forward to running more programs in the future and see gamification as a cost-effective way to motivate and reward our team members without increasing our fixed costs.

Devina Morjaria | Brand Operations Manager | IHG voco hotels & Vignette Collection 

Will gamification work for my industry?

Yes. Gamification works for companies in any sector, whether in B2C or B2B. We have helped customers in every industry apart from agriculture. Although we’re up for the challenge! They are all using gamified promotions to:

  • Reduce the cost of loyalty and reward programs
  • Attract new customers and audiences
  • Reduce the acquisition cost of a new customer
  • Drive new and returning customers 
  • Get better feedback from customers
  • Re-engage and convert idle leads
  • Create an immersive brand experience
  • Reinforce important lessons and behaviors
  • Improve knowledge absorption and retention
  • Track and automatically reward customers, employees, and channel partners

How can we use gamification in our business strategy?

Gamification and gamified rewards can be applied to solving most business challenges, and here are just a few of the use cases you can apply this to:

  • Lead Generation
  • Data Enrichment
  • Audience Engagement
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Product Marketing
  • Employee Engagement
  • Channel & Partner Motivation

2. Gamified Rewards

What are gamified rewards?

These rewards and prizes are given according to probabilities or odds you set on a particular promotion.

What are the advantages of gamified rewards?

Gamifying the reward process and using games of chance can reduce the cost of providing rewards because it allows the rewards to be distributed more evenly and fairly. This ensures that the rewards are not overly concentrated on a small number of individuals, reducing the reward program’s cost.

“BeeLiked has allowed us to create a truly unique broker incentive program that would not have been achieved without the use of gamification. We are saving a lot of time and money due to the scalability of the BeeLiked platform.”

Jenny Hammond | AVP Marketing | BTIS

What rewards are available?

Using the platform, you can easily issue any rewards you like. Our solutions team can help you implement digital gift card auto-fulfillment if you choose. Alternatively, you can upload any rewards and prizes you want to the platform.

Can we upload our own rewards and coupon codes?

Yes. You can add your codes etc., into a CSV file and upload them to the platform.

How do we share and send the rewards?

The simple answer is however you like. By default, all BeeLiked promotions can have rewards added to the result message, which you can share via email, on the screen, etc. However, once you integrate with our API, the number of ways you can share and send a reward is only limited by your imagination.

Can we send physical rewards?

95% of our clients send digital rewards as they can be fulfilled instantly, and your entrant gets instant gratification. However, we have great partnerships with companies that can provide physical prizes, and our solutions team can help facilitate that where required.

3. BeeLiked Platform

What is BeeLiked?

BeeLiked is a SaaS platform that enables you to build gamified promotions that drive engagement, loyalty, and performance in leads, customers, employees, and channel partners. BeeLiked promotions can be embedded everywhere your audience is.

BeeLiked promotions are built to give your audience a unique and valuable experience.

  • Attract new customers and audiences
  • Deliver an individual experience to your audiences
  • Reduce the acquisition cost of a new customer
  • Drive new and returning customers
  • Grow and/or enrich your email database
  • Develop your understanding of your audience and what they need/want from you
  • Re-engage and convert idle leads
  • Create an immersive brand experience
  • Improve and reward knowledge absorption and retention
  • Track and automatically reward customers, employees, and channel partners


We have a range of promotion types to choose from that support any business objective.

Can you help me set up my first promotion?

Yes, of course!

For more information about the right subscription and price, please look at our pricing page.

How much time will it take to set up my first promotion?

It depends on several factors, such as whether you already know what you are trying to achieve with your promotion. Do you have the necessary digital assets, or does someone need to create them? How intricate will the design be?

It can be as quick as 15 minutes to set up a simple promotion to capture email addresses. But, it can take several days if the promotion is more complex. 

Experience shows us that, more often than not, the strategy behind the promotion rather than the design and build itself is the most time-consuming. 

Is there any limitation to our usage of BeeLiked?

It depends on your subscription. This is something we can talk you through, or you can read up on that here.

How quickly can I get my first promotion live?

Many of our clients are live the day after their subscription goes live. But typically, we see customers having their first promotion live within a week. If you already have a clear strategy, the assets, and the team in place to design and build your promotion, and know what you want to use it for, then your first promotion can be up and running in no time.

Do I need technical experience to use BeeLiked?

You don’t need to be a designer or a developer to use BeeLiked. Anyone can create promotions, and micro-sites, on our platform. No coding skills are required. Think of BeeLiked as your Wix for gamification. You have Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc., for social, and you have us for gamified promotions.

Does BeeLiked integrate with other software and platforms?

Yes, of course. You can easily connect and share your promotions to social media, Google Analytics, CRM, or any other system with an Open API. And most importantly, you can do it yourself. BeeLiked has a simple to use zapier connection, so you can:

  •  Send campaign entries to your CRM
  •  Create rewards and link up to your loyalty systems
  •  Create audience segmentations and identify your top influencers
  •  Connect to your favorite email platform and create automated campaigns
  • Send automated rewards to leads, customers, employees, and your channel partners

For more complex integrations, the BeeLiked solutions team can be on hand to help out.

Where can we publish and share our promotions?

Our promotions can be embedded anywhere. Publish your promotions on your website via an Iframe or use our hosted micro-sites. Integrate into your mobile applications. Quickly and easily build a promotion landing page from scratch using the BeeLiked promotion builder. You can even use our built-in QR code generator on in-store packaging, POS materials, or events. You can even go one step further and use your promotions on a giant Ipad. Then share your interactive gamified promotions on social media in your newsletter.

No coding skills are required; BeeLiked is built to make it easy to share promotions wherever your audience is.

Does BeeLiked have a product roadmap?

Yes. Our team constantly works on product development and uses a roadmap to guide this process. We regularly reevaluate our roadmap based on input from customers, our own research and insight, and in line with our overall strategy. Based on this input, we put together a roadmap to maximize our customer’s success.

4. Getting started with BeeLiked

Do you have a demo I can watch?

Absolutely click here

How do I speak to sales?

Just click here, and then you can ask a question or schedule a call with one of the team.

Can I try BeeLiked before committing?

Absolutely. We have a completely free plan called FreeBee. This is an ideal entry point to the world of gamified incentives. Whether you are using BeeLiked for Lead Generation or Loyalty, you’ll be able to choose from a range of promotion types and ready-made designs. Click here to learn more Get Started.

5. Support

How can I talk to someone at BeeLiked?

Are you an existing customer? If so, you can reach our chat support by clicking the chat icon on the platform. You can also email or have a video call with your Customer Success Manager if you have a Premium subscription.

What kind of onboarding and support do you offer?

We offer different levels of onboarding and support, dependent on your needs. We have a history of excellent service and will be more than happy to discuss this further.

I need more inspiration for my gamified promotions. Can you help me? 

Yes, of course. Dependent on your plan, your Customer Success Manager is just an email or video call away. 

6. Privacy and security

Is the BeeLiked platform GDPR and CCPA compliant?

Yes. BeeLiked operates within the European Union and is GDPR (General Data Processing Regulation) compliant. To strengthen our GDPR alignment, we are working toward our SOC2 and ISO certifications.

Where is my data stored?

The information that we collect from/for you is stored on Amazon Web Service cloud servers within the European Economic Area (EEA).  All information you provide to us is stored on these secure servers. Click here to read more about AWS policies.

Is my data secure?

We use strict access controls and an encrypted database to prevent anyone other than authorized account holders (i.e., with administrator access) from accessing Audience Data. So BeeLiked won’t see your Personal Data except where necessary to support your campaign.

If you want to learn more about our privacy policies, click here.

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