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Show you value your employees by giving them opportunities to win rewards.
Craft personalized interactive experiences to share with your staff.

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Bespoke Solutions

Employee Engagement Programs

A good business is only as good as its employees.

Studies show that companies with good employee engagement are 21% more profitable than those that don’t. Gamified incentives are the perfect way to achieve this success.

Our gamification software allows businesses to craft personalized incentives for their employees, with long lasting benefits.

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Secure Personalized Campaign Entry

Secure Solutions

Securely invite, incentivize and reward your employees and team members.

By sending a unique entry link URL to each of your employees, you can let them enter your campaign without requiring them to fill in any new or personally identifiable information.

The entry URL contains encrypted data that can only be decrypted by BeeLiked’s servers using a ‘Secret Key’ generated within your BeeLiked Account. By clicking a link that has been encrypted with this key BeeLiked decrypts the information on they fly and authenticates the user according to the data passed to it in the URL. 

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Our Promotion Types

We have a wide range of promotion types for you to choose from.

Retain & Motivate Talent

Employee Engagement Activities

BeeLiked create personalised incentives for company employees, with bespoke gamification solutions customised to specific company needs.

High employee turnover is a nightmare for any business, big or small. Invest in your employees with employee engagement programmes, and reap long-term results.

Engaging and memorable opportunities shouldn’t stop with your customers. Valuing your employees goes a long way, and with employees more likely to stay put and grow with your company, you can retain a talented, loyal team that are in it for the long-run.

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Personalized Incentives

Personalized Solutions to Engage your Team

Employee engagement programs put your employees first. Whether you’re looking to incentivise whole sales teams, or see employees reach their personal goals and reap rewards, BeeLiked can help.

For businesses looking to incentivise their team and see them broaden their horizons, we offer tailored solutions in line with your company ethos and branding.

Get your team excited about your vision with employee engagement activities that are personalised to their role, giving them the incentives they need for a more productive and happy work-life.

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