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Customer Loyalty

With our gamification software solutions, we help businesses to retain customers,
turning one time buyers into loyal customers and brand advocates. 

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Build Trust & Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Initiatives

How can you stop your customer jumping ship or moving on after one purchase or sale?

Beeliked’s gamification software offers a range of customer loyalty solutions for rewarding and incentivizing behavior. Create your own promotions or benefit from our managed service option to brainstorm interactive incentives, and maximise your sales all in one go.

Find pragmatic, personalized solutions with gamification, that encourage consumer loyalty & trust.

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Expand Audiences

Solutions for Marketers

We help marketers boost sales and expand their audience reach, with personalized games and interactive experiences. Our  interactive campaigns can be tailored to suit your audience demographic and purpose.

From ideation to creation, we work with you to develop customer loyalty solutions that engage audiences, to help retain them as loyal consumers rather than one off customers.

Through the BeeLiked platform you can design, and manage many types of interactive promotion, without the need for  development resources.

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Our Promotion Types

We have a wide range of promotion types for you to choose from.

Cut through the Noise

Solutions for PR Teams

For a PR agency, it’s vital to nurture a client relationship into a working partnership based on trust, and getting results.

In the world of PR, positive client relationships are key to keep your clients adaptive, approachable and engaged. Providing loyalty programs can be the difference between a customer who stays put, and a customer who goes elsewhere.

Maximize retention with your customers with shareable experiences, tailored to the user, and get customers talking for all the right reasons. Make a buzz about your PR agency with simple gamification solutions and see for yourself. Help your business get the coverage it needs, reach target audiences, and turn these followers and fans into loyal customers.

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Securely Control and Personalize Campaign Entry

Restrict Entry to Known Individuals

Securely invite, incentivize and reward your customers, employees or prospects with our InviteLink option.

BeeLiked offers the option for you to generate secure one use ‘InviteLinks’ that can be emailed or otherwise presented to known individuals. In this way you can invite customers, employees or prospects to enter any of your BeeLiked powered promotions, secure in the knowledge they have just one entry.

This is perfect solution to reward people that use your services and you can even automate the generation of InviteLinks via our API or Zapier integrations.

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Maximize Engagement & Retention​

Solutions for Social Media

Convert passive followers into engaged micro-influencers with BeeLiked.

Our social driven games can be shared with your followers and target audience. Be the business that everyone is talking about for the right reasons, with gamified incentives designed to keep clients on board, engaging with your site and forging connections.

BeeLiked can help you turn any online audience into loyal consumers, with promotions and customized offers that engage your audience for all the right reasons.

BeeLiked Illustration
BeeLiked Illustration

Maximize Engagement & Retention​

Solutions for Sales Teams

Helping sales teams to incentivize and engage customers.

Converting leads into customers is just the start. Help your sales teams drive forward business with engaging techniques to boost customer loyalty and build a loyal audience who return time and time again.

Sales managers can help their sales teams convert more prospects to sales by creating fun gamified promotions that sales teams can use to add extra incentives and urgency to new business orders.

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