I know, I know, there are many, many holidays between now and when we finally get to Christmas. But trust us, the time to start planning is right now, and I’m sure this blog post will convince you why.

At BeeLiked there is nothing we like more than creating kick ass campaigns for our customers. But every year we have to turn away work. Not because we don’t have the talent, not because our clients don’t have the resources , but simply because they have left it too late to contact us and we can’t produce the work in time. How frustrating, as we absolutely love creating Christmas campaigns that light up people’s newsfeeds!

So if you are intending to go big this Christmas (and why wouldn’t you?), even if you aren’t quite sure how yet, please get in touch and our team can talk you through creating your best campaign yet. If you do have an idea but aren’t sure if we are the right people for the job, let us know, you may be pleasantly surprised…

Christmas campaign ideas

Our platform is constantly evolving and improving to offer you an incredible range of options for a sophisticated, engaging campaign.

1. Personalized videos

After two high profile campaigns this year with authors Dan Brown and John Grisham,  we have seen first hand how engaging and shareable personalized video can be.

Imagine a personalized video from Santa deciding if you have been naughty or nice, or sending a virtual experience to your customers thanking them for their support over the last year.

Personalized video helps create a really intimate experience for the viewer. We predict that there will be a lot of marketers harnessing this technology for their 2017 campaigns and producing some really interesting and unique content.

Take a look at this personalized video example from chocolate brand Milka. They allowed their customers to send a special video to their loved ones at Christmas time!

Milka – Personalized Christmas Video from Impossible Software on Vimeo.

2. Advent calendars

The beauty of an advent calender is all the many possibilities. Create an amazing experience for your audience tailored to your campaign theme.

Produce a bespoke calender or count down the 12 days of Christmas campaign which continues to engage fans from the beginning of December onward with videos, coupons, games, contests and prizes.

You can use it to tell a story, create a virtual world or act as inspiration for your audience.

Check out this Advent Calender Sky Bet ran as a form of a quiz! Everyone who guessed correctly each day were entered into a draw each day Football League tickets.

3. Traditional Christmas games

Games are a traditional part of Christmas festivities and a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. The imagination knows no bounds when it comes to fun, shareable games. Here are a few ideas to get you going…

  • Pull a wishbone with a friend to see who wins
  • Create a charades style game that can be played on your own or with a group
  • Play secret Santa and send a virtual gift to a friend
  • Recreate traditional Victorian parlor games with a virtual twist
  • Create a quiz to determine who goes on Santa’s naughty list
  • Find the coin in the Christmas pudding

I’m a big fan of Tesco’s #PullACracker contest a few years ago which encouraged users to pull a virtual cracker with a friend. An animation was created showing a cracker being pulled and congratulating the winner!    

4. Galleries and UGC

Create a virtual gallery with a festive theme with contests and prizes for the winners. They can be silly, festive, funny, beautiful or a little crazy.

  • Best Christmas jumper
  • Weirdest gift
  • Homemade presents
  • The best decorated office

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