John Grisham Camino Island Book Launch

BRAND: Knopf Doubleday
CONTEST: Camino Island Book Launch
TYPE: Bespoke

Key Stats

  • Entries 1M+


Camino Island by John Grisham is set on a fictitious Florida Island.

Camino Island begins with a daring heist where priceless F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts are stolen from secure vaults at Princeton University. The manuscripts seemingly disappear, but according to the FBI and private investigators hired by the university they are believed to be hidden in the vaults of Bay Books, a small bookstore on Camino Island, just off the Florida coast.

We decided the best way to showcase our campaigns was to design and animate a beautiful version of the island from which entrants could explore and discover more information about the book and enter the Bay Books Heist and Grisham Beach Quiz campaigns.

The campaign goals were to raise awareness and excitement of the Camino Island novel and capture contact data for future marketing efforts.

The overall campaign consisted of 3 separate campaigns:

Part 1.  Interactive Island

The island was first sketched on paper, based on descriptions from the book and then, working closely with a specialist 3D design studio, the island rapidly took shape. With the final images, BeeLiked’s team set about animating the island using HTML5 (to ensure it worked well on all devices). A seaside sound effect was added to give the island an added atmosphere.

Part 2. Bay Books Heist

Camino Island is a very different style of Grisham novel compared to his previous work. The story revolves around the world of rare books and is written as a quick beach read.

In creating the Bay Books Heist campaign, our goal was to excite the audience about the book, whilst giving them a reason to share a message to their social networks. Creating a fictitious news report that stars each entrant seemed like a brilliant way to engage people in the story, whilst offering them something fun to share with their friends.

The BeeLiked team developed a storyboard for the campaign over a couple of weeks in March 2017 with production beginning the following month in April.


The Bay Books Heist was built on the BeeLiked quiz software app and used an existing two-column template designed to show large images for each question. The first question uses a 360-degree image of the inside of a bookstore (shot in a bookstore in Hackney, North London). Our design team then used Photoshop to enhance the image and add various clues. Similar techniques were used for questions two and three.


From a technology perspective, there was little additional functionality that needed adding to the BeeLiked platform. As the quiz campaign and video personalization technology are built into the platform this campaign was put together very quickly.

The only additional functionality created was to enable entrants to review their photo and name before it featured in the video – the hope was this would encourage people to enter their friends and thereby increase the video’s shareability.

Personalized Video

Personalized video is a relatively new technology that allows custom elements to be introduced to a video on the fly. The difficulty is doing this at scale and at an acceptable speed (6 -10 seconds). The technology requires motion tracking within the filming so that the video personalization software can then replace these tracked items for each entrant with personalized content, creating a unique video for every user. In the Bay Books Heist videos, we personalized various elements using the entrant’s own name and photo.

Our video partners in creating this wonderful film are Nemorin Creative, whom we have been delighted to collaborate with on a number of projects.

Part 3. Beach Quiz

The final campaign was a Cryptic Image quiz challenging his millions of fans to match a novel to thirty cryptic clues


The BeeLiked team conceived the campaign and worked on the cryptic clues together with OpenBracket Design. We keen to ensure that clues were challenging, but that only a few required knowledge of the book, the majority being a play on the title (e.g. Racket + Ear = Racketeer).


The campaign was created from scratch within three weeks. Whilst there are online examples of Cryptic Image Quizzes, the challenge was creating a user experience that worked well across all devices and encouraged users to keep coming back. The team used InvisionApp to create extensive mock-ups and test the UI, before building the campaign into the BeeLiked platform.

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