5 Marketing Tips For An Egg-citing Easter Email Campaign

Every so often, a marketing strategy needs a ‘spring clean,’ With Easter just around the corner, there are opportunities to create a great Easter campaign. As consumers collectively spend around $21.6 billion at Easter, this is a perfect time to reach, engage, and excite your customers. Here are our five tips for an eggcellent Easter campaign.

Tip 1 – Define Goals For Your Easter Campaign

Awareness, sales, or loyalty? It’s vital to have clear goals and plan your campaign accordingly. Easter campaigns are a great way to reach and attract new customers. But don’t forget about your existing customers – use special promotions or exclusive discounts to help increase retention and minimize churn. Also, Easter is an ideal opportunity to present products for the summer season.

Tip 2 – Timing is critical for Your Email Campaign

The best time to start your Easter campaign is around 2-3 weeks before Easter Sunday. So a little forward planning is essential to begin promoting on time. Campaign Monitor has some great tips on the best times to send your newsletter. Use the results from previous years to help your decision, and A/B test your campaigns on different days and times.

Tip 3 – Be Creative and Captivating

Make your subject line for your Easter email short, creative, and funny. You can use emojis in the subject line to give a personal touch and attract more attention in users’ mailboxes. 

According to a study by Sendinblue, a personalized subject line can increase open rates by 30%. So do address your customers by name! If you do not know their name, find another way to address them personally. For example, you could highlight specific characteristics and interests such as “Dear dog lover” or “Hello sports friend.”

But do be careful as 69% of email recipients report email as spam solely based on the subject line. 

Tip 4 – Be Original and Be Clear

Easter eggs and bunnies are in high demand. Many marketers will use stock images for their Easter newsletter, which might be perceived as clichéd. So this year, why not try a new approach for your campaign? Use standout and unique photos from photographers or design your own graphics with a tool such as Canva.

Your campaign’s goal should be clear and have one CTA. Make your customers’ experience as simple as possible. Don’t leave them wondering what you want them to do.

Tip 5 – Have some fun and try Gamification

People love games, and they love to win! Easter is simply the perfect time to try some Gamification. Games do not only ensure fun and engagement but also increase your conversions.

But the fun doesn’t have to end with the game. Transfer it through your email layout and landing page, and your brand will stay in the player’s memory. Playful, interactive elements can reinforce your campaign content and increase user engagement and dwell time.


Easter is an excellent time for marketers. Try new ideas, promote new products and use Gamification to tap into the fun and joy. As Easter is at the beginning of spring, use bright, colorful, cheerful designs for your newsletter. Avoid stereotype images and use unique photographs and graphics. And most importantly, Don’t worry, be hoppy!

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