How does employee engagement affect productivity and business success?

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According to Gallup, highly engaged teams are 18% more productive. But what’s the connection between engagement and productivity? Most people understand they are related but mistakenly think the relationship is linear. It is, in fact, a complex, interconnected web. Businesses cannot focus just on productivity without addressing the underlying factors. They need to zoom out and look at the bigger picture that connects engagement to productivity.

What drives employee engagement?

It begins by understanding what employee engagement looks like. The starting point is enjoyment. Employees need to like their work and enjoy what they do:

  • Employees who enjoy their work have a thirst for knowledge and are curious.
  • Curiosity leads to greater knowledge and understanding.
  • Increased understanding develops a sense of value for the knowledge.
  • People care about what they value.
  • Care leads to pride in their work or company.
  • Pride continues to increase enjoyment and continues the cycle.

These factors increase employee engagement by tapping into intrinsic motivators. When people love their work, they naturally want to learn more and develop a sense of value, care, and pride.

Connecting the dots

Employee engagement is a multi-faceted experience. As it continues to run its virtuous cycle, it connects productivity, customer experience, and business success. Engaged employees have deep knowledge and understanding of their roles, responsibilities, and their company’s products and services. Increased knowledge increases the quality of their work, improves efficiency, and drives productivity.

Engaged employees value and care about their work, which helps them create a good customer experience because they seek to help and serve customers. Excellent customer experience will lead to loyal customers and business success.

Increased productivity and strong customer success will both lead to business success. Creating a good customer experience is not a one-time thing but requires continual work, prioritization, and continuous employee reinvestment.

The fact that employee engagement, customer experience, productivity, and business success are so connected is helpful. If you prioritize these things in your company, you will create a chain reaction of positive changes in the company.

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