As live events grind to a halt due to the global COVID-19 crisis, hosting a successful webinar is more important than ever. Get more sign ups and increase attendance rates by using interactive promotions.

Webinars drive sales

InsideSales.com has found that 73% of marketers and sales leaders believe webinars to be the best ways to generate quality leads. But why?

  • They are highly engaging. According to GoToWebinar, the average webinar attendee viewing time is 57 minutes.
  • They are effective across your entire customer journey. From C-Level discussions to recurring live sales demos, webinars are an engaging and effective way to move leads through your funnel from awareness to sale.
  • They generate high-quality Sales leads. 79% of buyers say they will share information in exchange for webinars. With each webinar participant, you can collect data your sales team can use to initiate personalized outreach.

So what’s the catch?

On average only 36% of people that register to attend your webinar will actually do so. That’s leaves a massive 64% of your leads as wasted opportunity. What if there was a simple way to ensure a far larger percentage show up? 

How to increase webinar attendance

It is no secret that people are selfish. They will attend your webinar if they believe it will save them time or money. Yet, when the hour of the event arrives, two thirds decide that there are more important ways to spend their time. To ensure high attendance, you must again appeal to their selfish interests. One of the most powerful persuasive techniques you can use is to build the fear of missing out (FOMO). 

In addition to the great time and costs savings your service or product will bring, what else will people miss out on if they don’t attend? A well timed email offering all those that attend a chance to win discounts and prizes, is guaranteed to boost attendance.

The key drivers for a successful webinar are:

1. More signups

You can incentivize people to sign up by offering them the chance to win a discount or prize by entering their details to play a digital scratch off card, wheel of chance (or any other game available through the BeeLiked platform). The catch is they need to attend the webinar to claim the deal.  As marketing and contact data must be given voluntarily, people are far more likely to fill in their correct details if they believe that they would miss out on a prize or offer if they gave false data. 

2. Higher Attendance

To ensure that people not only attend your webinar, but stay to the end, you can share with each attendee a link to play a game of chance at the end of your webinar. BeeLiked’s Spin Wheel, Digital Scratch Off Cards and other campaign types, all allow you to give attendees the chance to win great prizes and discounts, whilst still staying in control of the costs of such incentives. 

3. Increase Sales Conversion

If lead generation is the primary aim of your webinar, then it would be safe to assume that your chance of converting a lead to a sale will increase if any follow up email to attendees encourages them to read more information or book a sales call. In a recent client study, we found that a leading global events promoter increased the number of one to one sales calls by 21% when the follow up email offered attendees the chance to win discounts with a digital scratch off card. To claim the prize, the attendee needed to book and attend the sales call. 

Final thoughts

The results of a webinar promotion campaign on BeeLiked:

  • Interactive promotions lead to high conversion rates lead to more sign-ups
  • You engage your audience in a unique, fun experience
  • Increase MQL-to-customer conversions with post-webinar follow-ups
  • Rich audience data to be used to personalize your next marketing campaign

If you need any help with setting up your webinar promotion campaign, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our customer success team is more than happy to help you out!

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