4 reasons you should create a spin the wheel promotion

The Spin the Wheel game is one of our most popular campaign apps on the BeeLiked platform. 

They are a big hit for a reason. Not only is this a firm favorite with our clients, but it’s extremely successful in rewarding loyalty, collecting GDPR-compliant opt-in marketing data, and driving an increase in sales.

1. They are so satisfying!

There is something undeniably enjoyable about playing these games. As you spin, there is a sense of anticipation and a rush of excitement. That little flutter in your stomach as you wonder what the outcome will be. Perhaps imagining what it would be like to win the main prize or enjoy the game’s thrill.

2. It’s emotive

Gamification engages audiences because it triggers those strong, powerful human emotions. Playing games increases excitement, anticipation, and competition.

Consumers are more likely to respond positively to anything when they feel an emotional connection. This, in turn, can lead to a stronger brand relationship and increased loyalty, as opposed to just simply creating an awareness campaign.

It will also lead to a more memorable campaign, as users will remember their previous experience positively. 

Star Alliance’s Business Travel Show Spin the Wheel game was hugely successful.

3. It’s fun

Our free-to-play games are designed to make a sometimes rather dreary process playful and fun. Goodbye, boring opt-in page, hello, a chance to win.

Visit Britain created a fun Spin the Wheel game for Christmas driving players to make purchases in their online store.

Our apps can be branded however you like. They are designed for a quick turnaround, can be easily duplicated, and fit effortlessly with your campaign.

This means you can respond to events quickly, for example, you can create a contest based on a current topical event. The more relevancy it has, the better the chance it gets shared and goes viral.

4. It ‘Wheelie’ works

Of course, by far, the most important reason is how you can measure the success of your campaign. At BeeLiked, our software manages all aspects of your promotions. You can track everything and have a full real-time insights report on how your campaigns perform. 

Thistle Hotels’ Spin the Wheel game was a huge success.

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