Top Incentive Platforms For Sales Teams

Incentivising sales teams should be an important factor in any company’s strategy for growth. Company success starts with the people- by investing in your people through rewards and incentivization, you can build a team that’s driven to succeed, recognized for their hard work, and more likely to stick around. Motivating and thanking staff means you’ll reap rewards in the long run, and it can transform the way your sales team approaches their work and their individual goals. So, where do you start?

With gamified incentive programs! Sales incentive programs are a fantastic way to bring your sales team together, promote healthy competition, and makes them think and work harder, with incentives, real rewards, and recognition. The immediacy of gameplay and the thrill of winning gamified incentive programs can see sales’ teams be instantly rewarded for their hard work. Interactive programs for sales teams gives that little extra personal incentive to push for success, and over-perform again and again. 

BeeLiked have comprised a top 10 list of the best gamified incentive programs for sales teams, to boost recognition, garner sales and create a sales team that is inspired to drive your company to success, smash targets and grow businesses. 

1. Ambition

Ambition focuses on enterprise gamification for sales teams. With various plans and pricing to suit your business budget, Ambition utilises centralised dashboards and email alerts mean the hard work is done for you, with automation making incentivizing your teams even easier. With features such as dashboard software for automated sales alerts and insights, sales performance management supported by the cloud, gamification software for competition and recognition as well as coaching software, regardless of how you wish to incentivize your sales team, you can find it with Ambition.

2. SalesScreen

Keeping track of data, performance metrics and analytics all in one place? SalesScreen provides just that, with a could-based system to connect teams across multiple locations. With real-time sales competitions, from head to head competitions to team-wide gameplay, SalesScreen uses gamification to empower sales teams to maximise their potential. Recognition is also key to the SalesScreen business model, with milestone event celebrations allowing businesses to immediately reward and recognise hard work and achievements. SalesScreen’s new additional innovation focuses on coaching for sales managers, working from the ground up to focus on the people, not the company.

3. BeeLiked

With a completely automated, hassle-free solution for sales team incentivization, BeeLiked rewards is an all-in-one solution for motivating sales teams. The off-the-shelf solution means the hard work is done for you, and with the option to brand up gameplay, you can boost brand authority with every reward. Personalized automation means businesses are fully in control of who to reward and when, and with plenty of flexibility with pricing and cost management, BeeLiked gamified incentive programs can meet your budget. Keep your sales team motivated through tangible rewards based on sales results, inviting team members to play as soon as a deal is done. Offering immediate recognition and motivating team members, let your team see what’s possible with BeeLiked Rewards. 

4. Hoopla

With Hoopla, you can drive big, measurable results within your team. Evaluate your team’s performance and productivity in one place, with a simple application that allows companies to leverage company data through multiple integrations. Hoopla makes it easy for managers to create contests and competitions through managed leaderboards, driving a competitive atmosphere between sales teams. You can inspire a whole team to overdeliver on targets, with goals and milestones celebrated along the way. With an overall goal to motivate and incentivize, Hoopla tracks the right metrics to drive results, and recognise success when it’s needed. 

5. CallidusCloud SPM

CallidusCloud offers companies a dynamic platform complete with online leaderboards, reward schemes, missions and contests. With an overall goal to help drive recognition, competition and mastery across your entire sales team,  CallidusCloud’s Sale Performance Manager delivers transparency to sales teams, capturing real-time performance data and important metrics to ensure the sales methodologies are taking the business forward. Sales managers can easily record and track field coaching reports to boost employee development and deliver objectives to sales reps. CallidusCloud’s SPM can help sales managers motivate and incentivise their sales teams to not only improve their performance but reach their full potential. 

6. Hurrah! Leaderboard

Hurrah! Leaderboards are performance broadcasting software that can boost your sales team motivation with real-time recognition based on live metrics. With simple integration with your existing CRM, Hurrah! Makes life easy, with customizable goals and streamlined communications to your entire sales team. Bring your sales team closer together by creating a culture of employee recognition. Celebrate milestones and increase team accountability and transparency, to not only reward individual success but motivate others to excel amongst their peers and drive your business forward.

7. Clearview

Drive high performance and engagement amongst your sales team with Clearview. With proactive management and coaching, Clearview’s platform offers multi-role dashboards, gamification and wallboards to incentivise and motivate sales teams to excel on targets and show what they’ve got. ClearView allows you to intuitively change behaviour at a human and system level, creating a culture of high performance and encouragement through one cloud-based solution. Increase customer satisfaction and improve KPIs with time-saving solutions and performance analytics and motivate your team to take your business to the next level.

8. SetSail

SetSail puts you in the driving seat, (or steering wheel) to set business objectives, track performance, and automatically capture the important data to reflect sales performance. Leveraging data science to increase productivity, SetSail analyses communication across multiple channels to analyse deal performance and discover the best solution. With SetSail you can reward your team every step of the way, with immediate rewards for deal progress, ensuring sales team members follow best practices throughout.

9. Spinify

With easy set-up, Spinify easily connects to your existing software to help you manage sales, create competition, and move the needle for your business. Business success starts with the people, which is why our competitions focus on incentivising sales team members, challenging them to smash targets and drive results through healthy competition.  Everybody likes to be rewarded, which is why Spinify works through transparency, displaying data in real-time to compel sales reps to smash expectations and be rewarded for their hard work. 

10. Centrical

Centrical is a performance management platform that sees company’s prosper through employee engagement and individual motivation. With advanced gamification, real-time performance management and personalized microlearning, employees learn how to drive results, drive business growth, and smash targets. Create a culture of excitement and see your sales team work together towards reachable goals that drive business results and success. Help your sales team develop and grow in a way that benefits themselves as well as your business. Value and reward sales teams, and incentivize them to go above and beyond with Centrical.

To learn more about how to incentivize your sales team, head to our blog for insight into employee engagement. Otherwise, check out Beeliked’s solutions to drive your business forward and get the most out of your employees.

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