Can you believe Easter is already over? Time is going faster and faster.

This year, we’ve seen some of the best Easter campaigns ever, we’ve rounded up our absolute favourites to give you inspiration for next year (and let’s be honest, they’re useful for just about any other marketing campaigns too).

1. Cadbury

We couldn’t start this without including the king of UK chocolate: Cadbury. To kick off their marketing this year, Cadbury used a monster-sized stunt.

They submerged three giant purple eggs in Loch Ness, replicating the famous and elusive humps of the legendary beast:

The eggs weighed up to four tonnes each and they’re about as high as a double decker bus. Cadbury surprised the country many times in the run up to the big day, by placing eggs in unexpected locations.

They used the hashtag #EggsEverywhere to advertise the fantastic stunt, which may have gone some way towards tackling the huge loss on Creme Eggs they made last year, following a disastrous recipe change.

2. Carlsberg

Carlsberg take the lead for the best creative Easter campaign for a company which has nothing to do with Easter.

They set up a pop-up bar made of chocolate in the Old Truman Brewery over in Shoreditch. It featured all the staples of a bar, including stools, a TV and a dartboard.

The company subtly used their famous tagline #IfCarlsbergDid to celebrate the holiday.

3. The Co-operative

The Co-op ran a brilliantly entertaining campaign this year, with the puntastic name: #eggsperiment.

The company created a number of short “What Would You Do” type films, featuring a man who seemed to be in need of help. Those people who came up to help him were given Easter eggs courtesy of a rather marvellously dressed chick, along with the motto:

“The Co-op are on the hung for good eggs, and I think we found one.”

There’s nothing that gets people in a better mood than helpful strangers, take a look below to see what it made our top three!

Well there we go! Our favourite Easter campaigns of 2016 (I still can’t believe we’re already in April, can you?).

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