Boxing Day is the Black Friday of UK sales. It’s the day after Christmas, the end of festivities and the beginning of the biggest discount season in the calendar as stores try to sell off their remaining stock in anticipation of the new season.

4 ideas to win at Boxing Day marketing

Unlike the run up to Christmas, which has an obvious marketing trajectory, Boxing Day can be difficult to get right. Should you advertise before the big day? Should you start your sales early? Should you limit it to one day?

We’ve rounded up the top tips for a Boxing Day marketing strategy that may even outdo your Christmas one:

1. Keep it clear

This time of year, your customers are being bombarded by emails, and most people are thinking more about their holiday plans than their Boxing Day sales trips. The way to ensure your customers are reading your Boxing Day marketing materials, is to make what you’re offering clear.

Creating a fun and interesting campaign is good, but simplicity is the aim of the game. The turnaround time for Boxing Day sales is too quick for the kind of innovative idea you might have for Christmas. Be open and direct about the discounts you’re offering, make sure the sale period and your opening times (if you have a physical store) are marked clearly in all correspondence, and be straight to the point.

2. Offer them something

Boxing Day sale attendees have been declining as of late, with more people opting to shop online. This hasn’t been helped by the extension of the sale period, with some stores starting their sales before Christmas. There are some die hard Boxing Day sale fans who queue outside from 4am waiting to buy some bargains, and then there are normal people who are in bed sleeping off masses of turkey, wine and Quality Street.

If you want people in-store that morning, you need to convince the masses that your sale is worth attending. To do this, make sure what you’re offering is worthwhile. Consider offering an extra discount to the first 30 people in your shop or free goodies to anyone inside before 8am.

3. Use your Christmas campaign traffic

Christmas social media campaigns attract a lot of attention, it’s a fun period and customers want to engage with businesses. Boxing Day is much more about the event. Making the most of the attention your holiday campaigns have brought you is an excellent way to improve your sales. If you ran a photo competition, for example, why not consider asking your customers to share photos of their gift-recipients using/wearing your goods? Offer an extra % off your Boxing Day sale to anyone who’s shared a photo on Christmas.

Or simply offer further discounts during the sale to anyone who took part in your campaign to begin with! Anything to get the word of mouth going.

4. Make note of statistics.

Statistics show that sales drop during the last few days before Christmas, but rise dramatically again afterward. During this period, the proportion of people entering shops without buying anything rises by a third, one theory is that people use this time to pick out items, and scan stores for the things they’ll buy once they’re in the sale. Use this to your advantage by clearly marking out what time you’ll be open and how long the sale will last.

So there you go, some flawless ways to make sure your Boxing Day is a real knockout.

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