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So 2016…it’s been a bit of a year hasn’t it? I think we are all ready to relax and enjoy this festive season and spread a little festive cheer.

We at BeeLiked have put together a few of our favorite 2016 Christmas campaigns, the ones that have caught our attention this holiday.

The funniest

Bulldog Skin Care’s advert solves the difficult question of what to give to a man this Christmas and looks at the awkwardness of gift giving. This simple concept is nicely executed and provides that bit light relief that we are all looking for this Christmas.

it also comes with outtakes!

Embracing social media

Cadbury has been connecting with their social media savvy audience across all platforms. From emoji’s to twitter stickers, Cadbury is looking for everyone to share this season with #Cadvent

Add Cadbury #TwitterStickers to your pics & tweet us with #CadventWrap for the chance to win personalised wrap! T&Cs — Cadbury UK (@CadburyUK) December 5, 2016

The Heart warmer

Edeka the German supermarket chain reminded us what Christmas was all about this year, with a low-key holiday message which was refreshing from the big ads. We won’t ruin it for you but you can watch below.

The one to watch

The Estee Lauder Companies were the first major retailer to launch on Facebook’s Messenger service in the UK. The Messenger bot uses artificial intelligence to communicate with customers. Shoppers can shop for their Christmas gifts and choose an instant courier within 60 minutes delivery across London. We get a feeling we will be seeing a lot more bots in 2017 so this is one campaign we will be keeping an eye on.

This latecomer caught our eye and we just had to include it. This seasonal campaign for allegro a Polish auction website hit seven million YouTube views in 10 days, with almost a million more views on the site’s Facebook page as well.

About BeeLiked

The BeeLiked Platform helps brands launch highly viral digital marketing campaigns to expand their audience and grow their customer insight. The platform offers a diverse range of highly customizable contests, quizzes, games and user generated content campaigns, with no technical knowhow needed. In addition, our innovation team is able to work closely with brands to bring new campaign types and features and enhancements to the platform. 

BeeLiked is on a mission to prove the ROI of innovative gamified driven marketing. Click here to start your 14 day free trial.

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