Building a large network on Twitter that is interested in your tweets and wants to engage with your brand can often prove challenging…

Therefore, a Twitter marketing campaign can be extremely beneficial to your brand. This can be in the form of a Twitter contest or simply a brand awareness campaign to boost followers and engagement.

Whatever the type of campaign, more often than not, it is the simplistic ideas that are highly successful. A Twitter campaign needn’t cost an arm and a leg, nor does it need to be highly complicated to receive a positive amount of hype and engagement.

Seeing as BeeLiked was born in the UK, I’ve selected 6 great examples of creative, but simple Twitter campaigns produced in Britain. Enjoy…

6 examples of creative Twitter campaigns

1. Waitrose: #Waitrosereasons

Waitrose recently ran a campaign on Twitter that at first appeared to have flopped. The British supermarket chain launched it’s campaign on Monday (17 September, 2012) with a tweet that asked shoppers to complete the sentence, “I shop at Waitrose because…” followed with the hashtag #waitrosereasons.

Instead of using the #WaitroseReasons hashtag to celebrate why they loved the supermarket, people were instead using it to say things such as “I shop at Waitrose because the parking spaces are big enough for one’s Range Rover yah? #waitrosereasons” and “I shop at Waitrose for the carrier bags. I put my food shopping from Aldi in them for the journey home. #waitrosereasons”.

However, despite some people suggesting the campaign had gone awry, others are arguing that Waitrose were successful in part proved by how the brand thanked people on Twitter for the humorous replies it received:

The view was reinforced by Jason Woodford, CEO of digital marketing agency SiteVisibility. “Their marketing team and management has managed to reflect a personality as well by recognising the humorous elements of both their campaign and some of the responses its encouraged. I think they should give themselves a pat on the back. He who laughs last, laughs loudest,” says Woodford.

This was a very simplistic campaign from Waitrose, which received a great deal of engagement and lots of exposure – even if some was negative, it got people talking about the brand and their relationship with it.

(Via The Wall Blog)

2. Domino’s Pizza: #letsdolunch

Domino’s Pizza offered UK fans a valid reason to participate in it’s Twitter campaign: cheap pizza. The offer, which ran from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on March 5th, 2012, slashed the price of the store’s ‘Pepperoni Passion Pizza’ by one pence every time someone tweeted the hashtag #letsdolunch. After 85,000 tweets, the price dropped from £15.99 to £7.74, and Domino’s offered that price from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. that day.

(via Mashable)

3. Innocent: #Tweetandeat

In a four week campaign by Innocent, the UK based ‘fruit smoothies’ company offered a reduced price on their ‘Veg Pots’ based on the number of tweets they acquired (I hope you’re seeing a trend here).

Customers had to tweet with the hashtag #tweetandeat to receive a minimum of 50p off their merchandise, while the ultimate prize was that their products would be free with every coupon. The aim was to encourage followers to get everyone they know to tweet the ‘#tweetandeat’ hashtag to lower the prices.

This was an innovative way of spreading the brand’s name, giving it further exposure, boosting it’s Twitter followers and more importantly, giving people who wouldn’t normally purchase their products an excuse to try them out.

4. Benitos Hat: ‘Tweets For Eats’ 

in 2011, UK Brand ‘Benitos Hat’ ran a three day Twitter contest to raise awareness of the brand during Mexican celebration Day of the Dead.

The campaign asked offices in London, Zone 1 to ‘Tweet For Eats’ throughout lunchtimes between 31st October and 2nd November: the more tweets a company sent to @benitoschat with their company name and the hashtag ‘#dayofthedead’, the more likely they were to win a free feast for their colleagues.

These tweets effectively ‘steered’, in real time, a customised ‘day of the dead’ car to the locations with the most tweets. Furthermore, anyone who saw the Day of the Dead car and Tweeted a picture of it to @benitoschat received a discount on food in store.

image: http://beeliked.com/files/8713/4867/1244/Benitos_Car.jpeg

The simple but highly innovative Twitter campaign helped boost the restaurant’s sales by 25% and achieved a social reach of nearly 800,000 – enough to get @benitoschat trending on Twitter!

It helped secure 556 new Twitter followers and generated over 2,000 retweets. At the same time, the brand secured 13 pieces of media coverage as well as mentions on national radio breakfast shows.

5. Orange: #WinterWarmer

Causing a ‘real time’ action via Twitter is often a popular ‘simple’ campaign method for brands. In 2011, phone company Orange decided to cheer-up some of their customers in England during the winter, by giving people the ability to send their followers and friends some small gifts via Twitter.

All entrants had to do was send a tweet to #WinterWarmer with their friend’s name or Twitter @username. Then Orange asked for their address and raced over to the mate with a van full of hot chocolates and scarves.

People had to follow Orange on Twitter to find out when the ‘winter warmers’ were about in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Brighton delivering goodies to grumpy mates.

This is a really nice idea from Orange and could be implemented by a number of companies. All they need is a van, some free products and a Twitter account. Watch the campaign video here

6. Nandos: ‘Nandos Noise’

Last year in 2011, Nando’s; supplier of tangy, Peri-Peri chicken ran a competition called ‘Nando’s Noise’.

Fans were asked to create a video of a ‘noise’ that you would make when someone says ‘Nandos’. Entrants were asked to upload their ‘noise’ to YouTube and then tweet or post their video to Nando’s social media accounts. Fans could then vote on which ‘noise’ they wanted to win!

The best Nando’s noises were awarded the chance to star in the next set of their online and radio ads, as well as each ‘noisemaker’ getting £250 worth of Nando’s goodies. Check out the cheeky chappy who won it here

This campaign was highly innovative and very simple, all entrants had to do, was create a short video of a ‘noise’, upload it to YouTube and then tweet it in.

Final thoughts

In summary, you can see that simple Twitter campaign ideas work very well with audiences. Admittedly, most of the campaigns listed above are produced by a digital agency, however, if you look at the simplicity of thought, all of the campaigns have straightforward concepts that can be implement by a whole number of companies – So get your get your thinking cap on and think simple!

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