Jump on the marketing trend of the decade with the massively popular Buzzfeed-style quizzes!

We’ve seen the quizzes all over Facebook, ‘Find Out Which Disney Character You Are’, ‘Which Animal Most Represents You?’, ‘If You Were Any Salad Dressing, Which Salad Dressing Would You Be?’ etc.

People absolutely can’t get enough of them and this is something you can turn to your marketing advantage…

First off let’s take a look at some statistics:

Nine of the to ten most shared stories on Facebook in January, 2015 were quizzes
82% average click-through rate on quizzes
96 percent of users who start Buzzfeed sponsor quizzes finish them

5 tips to make your quizzes go viral

Those kind of stats really speak for themselves, think about click through rates and shareability of general ads and you’ll see why this is something to talk about. So how can you use this to improve conversion rates for your own brand? How can you create quizzes which are bound to go viral? Simple:

1. Make It Interesting

If you’ve taken part in any viral quizzes recently (I know you have, we all have), you’ll know they caught your attention for all the right reasons. Think about it, which of these two options are you more likely to notice?
A) Personality Quiz.
B) Which 90s Heartthrob Are You Most Like?

I know the answer most people are vying for. The thing here is the dichotomy between those awful quizzes you had to take at school and the fun “Mostly As” quizzes you found in magazines. You need to make your quiz as close to the latter as possible, otherwise people will just keep scrolling by.

2. Make it relevant

Fun quizzes are great, but if you’re a vegetarian cafe and you’re running a quiz about Disney princesses, it’s going to make it pretty hard to link back to your brand without looking painfully obvious. A more subtle way of going about this is making sure your quiz is completely in line with your product – so that the customer conversion is as smooth as possible.

North Face quiz

Take a leaf out of North Face‘s book:

By using a quiz about their customer’s holidays, they linked back through to the best type of rucksack for them! Seamless, easy and much more likely to capture the attention of their users:

3. Make It About Them

People like themselves, that’s obvious. Not only that, but they like talking about themselves. Making your quiz pertain absolutely to the individual then, is the best way to not only get responses, but to get those responses shared out.

Change: “Can You Guess The 90s Cartoon?” to “Which 90s Cartoon Character Are You?” I guarantee you’ll get a much better take up.

4. Consider Offering An Incentive

You’ve got them on your page now, but what if they’re only interested in finding out what kind of vegan cake they are, without actually buying it from you? This is the time for an incentive. Consider offering a little something to sweeten the deal at the end. This could be in the form of a discount code on all purchases, a free prize or whatever you like, frankly.

Use Hoot Hoot for inspiration:

5. Consider the Practicalities and the Not-So-Practicalities

The most important thing you need to consider though are the practicalities and the design. Don’t make the quiz too long, under three minutes is optimum (around 10 questions), over that and you’re starting to push your luck – the general population’s attention spam just isn’t that long.

Secondly: Design. Add pictures, add colour and make it look pretty. You don’t need to be Salvador Dali – but you do need to make it look interesting and appealing. Most quiz making software* will be simple enough to edit, even for the worst techno-phobe.

So there you have it! The perfect way to turn yourself into a quiz-master.

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