Everyone knows that success on Twitter depends on how many followers you have. The more followers you have, the more people see your tweets and will visit your website or blog.

However, growing your followers into a figure that’s nice on the eyes is no easy challenge. It’s also something you shouldn’t take lightly, you want to build a network of targeted followers that care about your brand and the things you tweet about.

5 tips to build-up your Twitter followers

1. Follow Others

It may sound obvious, but the best way to increase your following on Twitter is to follow other accounts, you should do this regularly through-out the week.

Although, there is no point mass following hundreds of accounts simply to bump up your figures. The way to do this and still keep your following ‘targeted’ is by searching for accounts on Twitter that you know will be interested in your tweets.

There’s two ways of doing this:

The first method is by searching for relevant accounts to follow, according to their bio. You can either search ‘people’ with key words you’re looking for (e.g #socialmedia), or perhaps look at similar companies to yourself and see who is following them.

A great website for helping you connect with relevant followers is Twello. The tool allows you to follow targeted people by searching for keywords users have in their bio. The Site is free to use and lists accounts starting with the most followers and includes the location of the persons account.

The second method is following accounts by what they are tweeting about. For example, if you are a coffee shop brand in London, search Twitter for people talking about #coffee in #london and tweet them or follow them.

Linking all your social networks together will help you boost follower numbers. If you already have a Facebook account for your brand, post to the wall and let your fans know you’re on Twitter. Equally, make sure to link your Twitter back to your Facebook. Finally if you have Pinterest, Instagram and Google+, make sure to also connect your Twitter to these sites.

3. Promote your Twitter account on every medium

If your brand has a location-based store or venue, make sure to push your Twitter account inside. You can do this by advertising it on posters, on menus, leaflets or perhaps packaging.

Why not be innovative with promoting your Twitter account in store? Companies could offer discount prices, free products or buy one get one free if a customer tweets @ the brand and uses a particular #hashtag – perhaps the brand slogan!

Brands should also make sure to endorse their Twitter account on marketing material and in a clear, outstanding postition at the top of the company website.

4. Tweet great content

Your Twitter profile should be fun and have a ‘voice’, not just a robotic machine that pumps out promotional posts to it’s listeners.

Twitter is a platform where businesses and individuals can maximize their social presence, share expertise, build social relations, interact with customers and gain feedback instantly.

Therefore, use your Twitter account to listen to your customers and to communicate with them. Share imagery of your store, products and fans on your profile and tweet about fun events as well as interesting, relevant news!

5. Twitter Competitions

One of the best and most proven methods of growing your Twitter following is through the use of Twitter competitions.

Twitter contests are a highly effective form of generating buzz and engaging with your audience online. Not only can a Twitter campaign engage your existing audience, but it can significantly push new followers to your account.

However, it is recommended that you implement the above strategies first, as you will need a few hundred followers to get a decent response from a contest.

There are a number of Twitter competition methods out there for you to choose from. Some methods are very simple and others require a bit of creativity from your audience. The idea and strategy will depend on the goal of the competition.

Here are a few competition methods you can implement:

  1. Follower Milestone – A strategy for increasing followers on Twitter. Set a follower target (e.g 1000) and ask people to Tweet you guessing the time and date you will reach this milestone.
  2. RT To Win – As the name suggests, entrants are asked to retweet you to be in with a chance of winning. After the duration of the campaign has ended, the winner will be picked at random from all retweets.
  3. Lucky Tweet #Hashtag – Sweepstake via a chosen hashtag. Entrants have to tweet with #hashtag and @name to be in with a chance of winning. This could be a simple tweet, or perhaps photos or videos.
  4. Twitter Poll – A question and answer campaign. Create a question and then post it on Twitter, entrants then reply with the right answer including a #hashtag. E.g favourite colour – #red
  5. Creative Answer –  Followers are asked to participate by answering a question from you using your hashtag. The answers need to be as creative as possible, and the winners and their ideas will be chosen by you.

Final thoughts

‘Lucky #hashtag campaigns’, ‘Follower Milestone’ and ‘RT To Win’ are quick, simple Twitter competitions to implement and can see a fast increase in followers.

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