Spotify is now well established and a leader in the music streaming market, with over 6 million paying subscribers and 24 million active users. 

As Spotify is fully integrated with Facebook and now let’s you host apps inside the platform, many brands have turned to the service to run innovative and creative playlist competitions for their brand.

Spotify playlist competitions are a great way to actively engage your audience and reward them for curating music that matches your brand or campaign.

Here’s five of the best to learn from:

1. Cuervo Cold ‘Who’s In’?

Students love a good party, friends, alcohol and most importantly good music! That’s right a event can often live on die on the music being played! Which is why, in April, tequila company Jose Cuervo launched the ‘Best Uni Playlist’ promotion through Spotify.

The competition challenges uni students to create the best playlist they can in order to win a legendary campus party with DJ sets from The Maccabees and Alexis Taylor.

The competition is hosted on a App within Spotify, where students can come in and create a playlist in the name of their uni, and then encourage their friends to vote. The university playlist with the most votes wins the gig.

2.Simple Plan

French-Canadian rock band Simple have recently launched a Spotify playlist competition to complement their new single ‘Summer Paradise’.

The band are asking fans to create their ‘Ultimate Summer Playlist’ making sure it includes their new single.

This is cheeky, but great way to get people listening to your new single and engaging with your band! The best playlist from this contest wins signed merchandise, a CD catalogue as well as a video message from the band themselves!!

3. Blur ‘Ultimate Playlist’

Simple Plan aren’t the only artists capitalising on Spotify’s huge and ever growing audience. British alternative rock band Blur, launched a competition asking fans to create the ultimate Blur playlist for a chance to win a set of Blur 21 vinyl albums.

The top 5 playlists with the most streams wins the prize.

4. Herbal Essences ‘Songs in the Shower’

Everyone loves to sing in this shower, but what is the best song to sing?

Well, shampoo company Herbal Essences decided to create a playlist competition to find best shower songs and even partnered with Spotify to integrate the competition on their Facebook page.

Fans were able to search for a song, select it, and share it to be entered into the shower playlist. Those who entered the contest were also placed into a sweepstake to win a year’s supply of Herbal Essences shampoo!

This is a cool playlist competition, I like how people are not creating their own playlist, but contributing to one ‘ultimate user generated playlist’ to win a prize.

5.Obama Playlist

Spotify playlist campaigns are so popular even President Obama jumped on the bandwagon!

Ok, so this example may not be a competition as such, but instead a spotify playlist marketing campaign.

Similar to the Herbal essences concept, Obama’s marketing team asked fans to suggest songs through Facebook and Twitter to create a ‘winning playlist’ during the general election.

One chosen song (which brings no surprise) was ‘Born in the USA’ by Bruce Springsteen!

(Sourced from Simply Zesty)

Other music streaming services are following suit…

It seems like other music streaming services are also being used for playlist competitions.  French service Deezer are currently running a contest in combination with the launch of Dark Punk’s highly anticipated album: ‘Random Access Memories’.

The competition asks fans to create the best Daft Punk playlist for a chance to win four Daft Punk albums on vinyl!

Much like the competitions run on Spotify, the app is built straight into the software, allowing people to come in, choose their favourite songs, and create their playlist.


It seems music streaming services have great potential for playlist campaigns and could be used for a variety of brands.

I can see these types of promotions working for gym companies, where they ask fans to create the ‘ultimate workout playlist’ for a chance to win a free membership or perhaps for holiday companies, who could ask fans to curate the best ‘holiday playlist’ for the summer – the possibilities are endless!

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