Ahh Mother’s Day, in the UK it signifies the coming of spring.

The daffodils are out, the supermarkets are filled with Easter eggs and everywhere you look people are panic-buying cards and flowers.

Well, to make sure your loyal customer base doesn’t forget the day we celebrate mums everywhere, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Mother’s Day campaigns. Take a look for some inspiration:

1. KitchenAid India

What are mums known for? Well apart from being wonderful, usually it’s the delicious food they make. No matter which Michelin starred restaurant you’re eating in, it’s never quite as good as your mum’s. To celebrate the day, KitchenAid India created a Facebook app called: “Mother of the Year”. People could nominate their mum’s best recipe and the winner received some great prizes.

One of the great things about the app is that it lists all the entries, so even if your mum doesn’t win you can still show her how much she means to you. It’s also a cool way of bringing a community together, baking some great food and sharing ideas.

2.  Google

No matter what, Google are the masters of advertising. Blending the sentimental perfectly into their campaigns. For Mother’s Day 2013, they released an celebrating just how wonderful mums are. The campaign works well because they never overtly make it about themselves, they showcase what they offer in a way which serves as a backdrop to the real message: Mother’s are great.

3. Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price had the right idea with their campaign #TheMommys. Instead of going with the usual flowers and chocolates, they decide to think up something new. #TheMommys allowed social media users to award each other titles like “The Baby Chaser” on Facebook or Twitter.

It’s a fun way to generate conversation between their customers and prove that they understand their clientèle. All in all, a well thought out, fun campaign.

4. Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston’s #BloomingMarvellousMum campaign was a real highlight for 2015’s entries. The campaign encouraged their followers to tweet what makes their mum, well, bloomin’ marvellous.

The brand then unveiled a 30sqm field of flowers on the South Bank and encouraged passers by to pick a bunch and take them home to their mum.

Taking a virtual campaign and moving it into the real world is a brilliant way of capturing people’s attention and this idea certainly hit the mark there.

So there you have it, four of the best Mother’s Day campaigns we could find.   The brilliant thing about all of these is how they seamlessly link their brand in with the sentimentality of the day. It’s a difficult thing to do well, but if you follow their lead you’re definitely going in the right direction.  

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