Here at BeeLiked we’ve been singing the praises of user generated content for years now, but recently we’ve been thinking that rather than explaining why it works, we should just be showing our wonderful readers why. In this blog we’ve rounded up three companies who are really nailing user generated content:

1. Lululemon

At the forefront of the sports clothing industry, Lululemon yoga pants have been a must-have product for years. The company came up with an innovative way to promote their company via social media recently, they decided to turn the cameras away from sports models and onto their customer base.

They encouraged their following to post images of themselves in Lululemon gear along with the hashtag #thesweatlife. They then hosted this gallery on their main site, allowing potential customers to understand not only the popularity of the brand, but exactly how those clothes look on real life people, out in the world, working out.

The campaign did remarkably well, and although it’s no longer available to view on their site, here’s a great example of the kind of content they were attracting below:“So keep your calm, and carry on.” Aloe Blacc —> What a day. Hit the trail over the mountain ridgeline in my little town. It was around 26 miles and 10k in climbing. Today wasn’t about running, it was all mental training. I tried to stay calm during the heat, crazy climbs and snakes. Tried to keep going even though my house was soooo close. Tried to focus on the moments in the mountains and understand my body. Grateful to my sweet hubby for flying solo today with the kiddos. I’m quietly amazed at what our bodies and minds will do when we push them to the max. đŸ’„ —————————————————- It’s true, @utahisrad. Thanks for the repost! —————————————————-#choosetorun #runwithme #suuntorun #choosemountains #runnerland #ultrarunning #everydayawesome #monitorthebeat #liveauthentic #mountainrunning #getoutside #runnerscommunity #utahisrad #REI1440project #optoutside #whatsyour20 #mountaingirls #runnersrepost #oisellevolĂ©e #everytrailconnects #outdoorwomen #welivetoexplore #stravarun #skyrunning #runitfast #runnershoutouts #pushpeaks #headupwingsout #somosrunners #andshesdopetoo

A photo posted by T A R A (@runwithtara) on Aug 27, 2016 at 10:44pm PDT

2. Black Milk

We briefly mentioned this company in a previous post (which you should definitely check out, if you’d like some advice on running a UGC campaign), but this company’s marketing is so on point we decided they deserved another shout out. The brand, which relies heavily on pop-culture, is one which really associates with its customer base. If you need any proof of this, just check out their website: it features images of real people wearing their clothes on every product page.

Black Milk have been pro user generated content from the start, relying heavily on word of mouth to get to where they are today. They keep their customer engagement high by sending out notes to customers saying they’re excited to see their pictures, along with the hashtags for specific pieces. These are then pulled in and featured on the website.

There’s a picture of someone rocking one of their pieces below, or to see how they appear on the website, click here

Day 11. “My alterego” #bmpicadaymay #blackmilkclothing #bmbatmancapesuit #batman Photo by @studioholm

A photo posted by @menorkah on May 10, 2015 at 9:36pm PDT


Another company you should emulate is ASOS, a clothing retailer in the UK. The company makes heavy use of customer pictures in its marketing strategy. The website is an acronym for “As Seen On Screen” and features a number of brands up for sale, along with its own line. Playing on their name, the company uses the hashtag #AsSeenOnMe to encourage customers to share photographs of themselves in their ASOS gear, those pictures are then pulled onto a site, where users can shop the look.

Not only is this a fantastic way of interacting with customers, it provides potential customers with complete outfits ideas which they can scroll through for inspiration. Take a look below at one of the tagged images:

#Dubrovnik #Croatia #Adriatic #adriaticsea #chorwacja #polishgirl #playsuit #asos #@asos #asseenonme #summer #hols #instagood #instamood #instapic #instapics

A photo posted by Kasia Masna (@kasiamasna) on Aug 28, 2016 at 1:22pm PDT

So there you have it, the best companies using user generated content!

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