Holt Renfrew Incentive Marketing for Customer Loyalty

BRAND: Holt Renfrew
CONTEST: Lunar New Year
TYPE: Open the Envelope

Key Stats

  • 30,000+ entries into Incentive Marketing Promotion
  • English & French versions
  • Coupon Collection offering 4 different discounts with unique one use codes
  • Coupon Code displayed as a barcode for in-store partners to scan and validate discount

Incentive Marketing – Rewarding loyal customers with gamified discounts

We are delighted to once again have had the opportunity to work with Holt Renfrew, Canada’s premier luxury department store group. They were looking for a creative marketing incentive to send to their newsletter subscribers to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Promotion Concept

To reward every newsletter subscriber with their own special red envelope, with the opportunity to win a discount. Either to be redeemed online or instore. Instore redemption needed to work with existing POS scanners.

Why a red envelope?

It’s a Chinese Lunar New Year tradition, to gift a bright, beautiful red envelope (known as 紅包, hóngbāo) to your friends and family. But this is not just any old envelope – it is filled with money and symbolizes good wishes and luck for the new year ahead. The importance of the hóngbāo isn’t the cash held inside; it’s actually the envelope itself. The red color symbolizes good luck and prosperity in Chinese (and other East Asian) cultures.

Promotion Details

Holt Renfrew wanted to offer their customers the chance to win 10% – 25% discounts – and gamifying an incentive marketing promotion was the perfect vehicle for this. On opening the digital envelope, an in-store and online discount code was presented to the customer, and an automated email was sent to them with these codes. The discounts could be redeemed off in-store and online purchases. The instore code could be scanned at the point of sale to verify its authenticity and the discount applied to their purchase.

New Promotion Type

The BeeLiked Team created a new promotion type specifically for this promotion. We’ve called it ‘Open the Envelope’ as that’s precisely what it does. As it’s a game of chance, the probabilities for which message appears when the envelope is opened can easily be set in the platform.

Everyone’s happy

The promotion launched in French and English, with over 30k customers entering in 8 days. We did, however, have a last-minute technical challenge to overcome!

As a luxury retailer that operates in the online and offline space, creating customer promotions that resonate with our audience and succeed in driving footfall to our stores, requires a technology partner with creativity and professionalism. Not only does the BeeLiked platform offer a great range of gamified promotions with entry security and scannable in-store coupons, but the team’s hard work and determination to deliver a successful campaign is impressive.

Jessica Anelli | Product Experience Manager | Holt Renfrew

Entry is now closed and was strictly by invite only, but this quick video will let you see it in action.

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