How a Digital Scratch-Off Promotion Increased Footfall

A gamification example that proves success:

“Our goal is to make money for our clients and this gamification campaign truly did that!” Grace Park, Artisan on Fire

Learn how gamification increased footfall for one retailer by over 40% with spikes up to 70%

Unlocking Retail Potential: The Gamification Example

In a marketing landscape crowded with metrics and analytics, one truth remains paramount: the end goal is to boost client revenue. This gamification example dives into a groundbreaking campaign that did just that, leveraging the power of gamification to drive unprecedented results.

A Leap in Foot Traffic: The Proof is in the Promotion

Imagine boosting your retail foot traffic by 40% on average, with spikes up to 70% on key business days. For Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary, this wasn’t just a lofty goal—it became reality, thanks to a meticulously crafted digital scratch-off campaign. The promotion, conceived and executed by the creative agency Artisans on Fire, broke through the noise, drawing customers into the store with the simple, universal appeal of scratching to win. This digital scratch off promotion wasn’t just a hit; it was a direct hit on the target of increasing footfall, particularly on Fridays, turning casual visits into substantial purchases.

Simplicity Meets Sophistication: The Secret Sauce

Why did this campaign resonate so well with the audience? The answer lies in its simplicity. In a world where everyone loves the thrill of winning, a digital scratch-off provides an instant appeal, backed by the effortless ease of participation. But it wasn’t just the fun factor that set this campaign apart. The real game-changer was the analytics dashboard, allowing for precise measurement of the promotion’s impact on foot traffic and, by extension, sales—a critical capability when proving ROI to stakeholders.

Crafting Success: A Seamless Experience

The journey of creating the digital scratch-off promotion was as smooth as the user experience it offered. Artisans on Fire chose the BeeLiked gamification platform for its promise of simplicity and effectiveness, and the platform delivered. The campaign’s setup was straightforward, mirroring the ease and efficiency showcased on BeeLiked’s website. This alignment between expectation and execution is a rare find in the digital landscape and a testament to the platform’s user-centric design.

Beyond Email: Engaging Customers Where They Are

The campaign’s success was also fueled by a strategic approach to customer engagement. With the cannabis industry’s limitations on social media advertising, Artisans on Fire leaned heavily into email marketing and programmatic ads, supplemented by push notifications through Inyo’s mobile app. This multi-channel strategy ensured that the promotion reached the audience, engaging them directly and effectively.

Artisans on Fire: A Beacon of Creativity

Behind every successful campaign is a team of innovators. Artisans on Fire stands out as a creative powerhouse, specializing in content creation that spans videos, photography, graphic design, and more. Their work, a blend of art and strategy, can be explored on their website, showcasing their capacity to ignite interest and drive results in the competitive cannabis market.

The BeeLiked Edge: Gamifying Business Growth

This success story underscores the transformative potential of gamification in retail and beyond. BeeLiked emerges as not just a tool but a partner in creating engaging, measurable promotions that drive foot traffic, enhance customer engagement, and boost revenue. With BeeLiked, businesses can unlock the power of gamified incentives, turning ordinary promotions into extraordinary experiences.

A Call to Innovate

In the quest for growth, innovation is key. The digital scratch-off campaign for Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary exemplifies how thinking outside the box and embracing gamification can lead to remarkable outcomes. As we move forward, let this success inspire more businesses to explore gamified promotions, leveraging platforms like BeeLiked to create campaigns that not only engage but also deliver tangible results.

Results from this gamification example

  • Approximately 40% average increase in footfall (and up to 70% in the 3rd week)

Above clicks, above impressions and every other marketing metric, at the end of the day, our goal is to make money for our clients and this campaign truly did that!

Grace Park | Senior Account Director | Artisan’s On Fire

Benefits of a creating Gamified Promotions in Retail

  • Creating Awareness and Expanding Reach: The interactive and gamified nature of games such as spin-to-win, scratch-off, Slot Machines, Pop the Balloon and so many other games of chance is that promotions tends to go viral on social media because they’re fun!
  • Fostering Engagement and Shaping Positive Customer Behavior: The excitement generated by the possibility of winning prizes fosters a connection between the customer and the brand.
  • Collecting Valuable Audience Insights and Opt-In Data: Users willingly provide information when they opt-in to play, offering insights into their preferences, demographics, and interests.
  • Ideal for Market Research and Soliciting Customer Feedback: By combining the thrill of the game with targeted questions, companies can obtain direct insights into customer opinions, preferences, and satisfaction levels, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Enhancing Customer Retention and Fostering Loyalty: Businesses can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by rewarding existing customers with exclusive spins and special prizes.
  • Attracting a Younger Demographic: The interactive and dynamic nature of spin-to-win promotions resonates particularly well with younger audiences positioned as the next generation of consumers.

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