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Customer Stories:

The Beano
Dennis’ Birthday Giveaway

BRAND: The Beano Shop
CONTEST: Dennis’ Birthday Giveaway
TYPE: Scratch Off Card

Key Stats

  • 65% Conversion Rate


To celebrate Dennis The Menace’s birthday, The Beano Shop created a fun scratch card campaign on the BeeLiked platform to entice Dennis’ legions of fans to try their luck and scratch off the prize to see what they had won.

The campaign was an enormous success achieving a 65% conversion rate on entries and helping to drive traffic deep into The Beano’s shop. All entrants were sent an automated thank you email and the lucky ones were given discount coupon codes to spend on Beano goodies.


All design for the campaign was created by the talented Beano team.


Creating a fun scratch card campaign on the BeeLiked platform is straightforward, with a huge range of options for how the campaign looks and runs. Learn more about our Scratch Card game.