GLH Employee Appreciation

CONTEST: Xmas Advent Promotion
TYPE: Digital Advent Calendar

Digital Advent Calendar

GLH wanted to reward and show their appreciation for their team’s efforts throughout the year.

The advent calendar was perfect as they could offer multiple prizes as a new window opened each day.

The BeeLiked Studio team created the theme and design and put this together in just over a day.

As 260 employees engaged over 12 days, this promotion was definitely a firm favourite.

As each offer was only available for 24 hours, the employees were highly engaged and excited for the next day’s prize.

“The best gamification platform I have seen. I have worked with other platforms but never experienced a platform at this level. The BeeLiked platform gives us a clear competitive advantage. Without it, our campaigns would take too much time, be too difficult, and we would risk operational concerns during the campaign. The Support from BeeLiked is second to none, and means that I don’t have to worry at all.”

Ryan Phelps | CRM Marketing Manager | GLH

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