Customer Stories

Zero Deposit
Channel Partner Incentivization

BRAND: Zero Deposit
CONTEST: Sales incentive program
TYPE: Spin The Wheel


Zero Deposit aims to become the number one partner of choice to Letting Agents, Landlords and Tenants. Their revolutionary service enables tenants to avoid paying big cash deposits whilst providing Landlords with better all-round protection.

Zero Deposit wanted to create a fun and personalized way to reward their partner property agents for each new subscription. Using the BeeLiked platform they were able to create a range spin wheel games, each offering instant win prize vouchers.

Every time a sale is confirmed by their partner agents, the Zero Deposit team is able to automate an email to the sales agent with a very personalized invite link (which is valid for one spin of the wheel).

BeeLiked’s Invite URL Add On feature is used to generate these unique one use URLs.  The Zero Deposit Team has integrated this capability (with a little bit of coding) into their internal systems so the whole process can be automated and sales agents rewarded with a very personalized experience.

The campaign has been a huge success with sales agents loving the interactive nature of the campaign and the chance to play for different prizes. The promotion continues and is even promoted on all company emails with the banner below.

BeeLiked helps us be more interactive whilst also reinforcing our brand and product. Our partners engage with our brand through the promotion and they have fun, and can win prizes, but importantly, we also see sales that we can directly attribute to our promotions.

Hana Murgani, Marketing Manager, Zero Deposit