United Airlines Channel Partner Promotions

BRAND: United Airlines
CONTEST: United Airlines: Travel Agent Quiz
TYPE: Quiz



Every year United Airlines re-launches its summer flight schedule. It’s important that travel agents are reminded of this so that they know to book seats for their clients. This year United wanted to inject a little fun into their campaign. 

For the Stockholm to New York flight, the United Airlines team opted to create a quiz to test the agent’s knowledge of the route and entered those with the highest scores into a sweepstake to win tickets to New York. 

For the Paris to San Francisco route, the United team will shortly launch a spin the wheel game.


Our Studio Team set to work coming up with ideas for how best to get the message across and engage an audience of travel agents, whilst ensuring that the campaigns were also informative. It was decided that a True or False quiz provided the best combination of fun and information to promote the Stockholm to New York route. Our Studio Team then set about designing the microsites, being careful always to follow the United Airlines brand guidelines. 


The Quiz and Spin the Wheel Apps are both extremely flexible, with heaps of functionality that can be switched on or off depending on requirements. For example, the Quiz offers options on the number of points that can be earned, whether answers are shown and even if there is a timer for answering a question. The Spin the Wheel game allows any number of segments with weighted probabilities to ensure that larger prizes are less likely to be won quickly.  


The United Airlines team were delighted with the results and are now planning to use the BeeLiked platform across more regions. We look forward to helping them engage their audiences in fun and interesting ways. 

Find out more about our Quiz and Spin the Wheel and see how you might use them in your promotions. 

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