TUI Employee Rewards Program

BRAND: Tui Group
CONTEST: Tui Smiles
TYPE: Spin The Wheel & Scratch Off Cards

Key Stats

  • 37k+ rewards given out.

Sales Team Incentivization Case Study

TUI Group is a multinational travel and tourism company. It is the largest leisure, travel, and tourism company in the world, and it owns travel agencies, hotels, airlines, cruise ships, and retail shops. The regional sales manager for the UK and Nordics wanted to incentivize and reward the sales reps for each customer booking they made, as well as reward them for reaching their sales targets.

Several beach-themed games of chance were created with sales reps given links to play only when they had met the required criteria. From a spin wheel designed as a swimming pool inflatable ring to a digital scratch-off card that simulates the idea of digging in the sand for buried treasures, the sales reps could play to win TUI Smiles, the internal reward currency of the TUI Group. If they did win, they received automatic confirmation and the rewards were added by their manager to their staff account.

The BeeLiked platform enabled the team to control the precise amount of TUI Smiles that could be won as well as who was invited to play. Not surprisingly these fun and engaging employee rewards proved very popular with the sales teams and will continue once international travel resumes.

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