Customer Stories

The Beano
Special Edition Campaign

BRAND: The Beano Shop
CONTEST: Special Edition Campaign
TYPE: Spot the Difference

Key Stats

  • 15K+ Entries
  • 20% ROI


We worked directly with The Beano’s internal marketing and design teams to generate awareness for their 4,000 edition!

A spot-the-difference campaign was decided on, as this has the right level of difficulty to ensure a good dwell time and would prove engaging with their target young parent demographic.

The game was designed to allow parents to play with their child to spot the difference in an image and if they succeeded in spotting all three differences, they were then given a discount code to use in The Beano Shop. There was a also a sweepstakes prize for one lucky winner.

The team was delighted with the results and the campaign had over 15k entries, with a reported ROI of +20% on spend in the shop.