Capture South Africa

CONTEST: Capture South Africa
TYPE: Photo Contest

Key Facts

  • 1M+ Visits
  • 24K+ Photos Entered
  • 450K+ Fan Votes


South African Airways competition ‘Capture South Africa’ was advertised at check-in desks and through social media sites. The campaign asked fans to share the beauty of South Africa, through the categories ‘people’ and ‘landscape’.

The votes decided the top 10 and the best two photos were chosen by SAA to win a pair of tickets on South African Airways between the UK and South Africa! Data capture and user generated content were the main motivators for SAA to run the campaign and they were delighted by its outcome.


The campaign was a resounding success with 24,003 photos entered directly via the microsite and a massive 453,800 votes to create the short-list. The microsite attracted a huge amount of traffic with over 1M visitors over four months and 120,000 page likes. Some of the photos submitted were so fantastic, SAA decided to publish them in their own in-flight magazine.

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