ProClean Disc Launch

BRAND: Persil / Henkel
CONTEST: Persil ProClean Disc
TYPE: Spin The Wheel

Key Stats

  • 1M+ Entries
  • 90% coupons redeemed


We worked with Henkel’s agency Sitewire to create a whole new way for Persil to launch a new product to the market and give away money off coupons for people to try Persil® ProClean® Discs™.

BeeLiked worked closely with Sitewire’s designers to create an innovative design for the wheel-shaped as a washing machine. It was important to make sure the campaign really stood out on the page and so animation was added with a clear call to action to Spin Now.

The campaign integrates with to enable users to print their coupon after entering. BeeLiked’s Studio Team liaised with all involved parties to ensure a smooth process.

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