Nora Roberts Of Blood and Bone Cover Reveal

BRAND: Macmillan Publishers / St Martin’s Press
CONTEST: Of blood and bone – Cover Reveal Contest
TYPE: Chatbot & Poll

Key Stats

  • 66% Conversion Rate of Entry to Vote


BeeLiked was recently challenged by Macmillan Publishers to help promote the launch of Nora Roberts’ new novel ‘Of Blood and Bone’.

The story follows on from Year One, the first novel in this dystopian sci-fi trilogy. What begins as an innocent virus during the holiday season quickly explodes into  a pandemic, claiming billions of lives within weeks. Known only as The Doom, its reach is global and it is unbeatable by any known medicine; soon, all structure of civilization has fallen to the disease, including—and perhaps most importantly—news organizations, and the government.

A group of survivors try and find out what remains of the world they once thought was so safe: a chef, a writer, a doctor, a paramedic, two journalists, a hacker…and a mother of twins, the sole surviving family member of the first person to contract the disease. Different people from different walks of life, all with one incredible thing in common: they survived The Doom…and some possess magical powers as a result.

Of Blood and Bone is the sequel that follows Fallon Swift, ‘The One’ destined to take up the sword and fight the darkness.


In creating the first of two campaigns (yes there is more to come), the BeeLiked Studio team focussed on the existing fan base. Nora Roberts’ has a lot of fans around the world, particularly on Facebook. We wanted to help build excitement around the book’s release. Our solution was to use the Image Reveal app to socially reveal the book cover. Each entry to the campaign slowly but surely pixel by pixel reveals the book cover, peeling away the upper layer.


Our Studio Team really went to town on the design to create a dystopian scene, complete with animated birds and flickering lights.


The campaign was built on the BeeLiked Platform using the Image Reveal app – it’s a simple idea, but hugely effective for product teaser campaigns and product launch campaigns. Each entry into the campaign reveals a little more of the underlying image until the entire image is revealed.

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