Movember Donor Rewards

BRAND: Movember
CONTEST: Donor Rewards
TYPE: Spin The Wheel

Key Stats

  • 1319 people were rewarded with a spin


As a charity, The Movember Foundation wanted a fun way to thank and reward those that did the most to fundraise for them during the month of November (or should that be Movember?). They chose to create a spin-the-wheel game with prizes offered by their many corporate sponsors. Everyone who raised over £750 for Movember got sent a unique and personalized Entry Link allowing them one spin of the wheel. There were no losing segments here, as everyone was destined to be a winner. On spinning the wheel and revealing their prize, entrants were then sent an automated email confirming the prize they had won and giving them instructions on how to claim it. Needless to say, everyone was delighted with the recognition and motivated to do more fundraising for Movember in the future. 

BeeLiked’s Spin Wheel and other games of chance, such as digital scratch cards, are an excellent way to incentivize and motivate people. What’s more, with our Entry Link functionality, it is possible to invite chosen individuals to play the game. Learn more about how BeeLiked can be used for customer loyalty.

When looking for an engaging way to motivate and reward our Movember fundraisers, BeeLiked turned out to be a perfect match for us. The platform provided us with a fully customizable, branded, and fun spin wheel with many easy ways to customize the promotion via the settings and builder. Not only was the platform exceptional and allowed our fundraisers to have a great experience with Movember, but the service and support from BeeLiked and their team was fast, efficient, and very helpful.

Tony Chausse | Senior Manager, Operations & Community Engagement | Movember

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