Win your Way

BRAND: Kaplan
CONTEST: Win your Way
TYPE: Quiz

Key Stats

  • 150k+ Entries
  • 30% ROI


We worked directly with Kaplan’s internal marketing teams to drive sign ups for their online courses. On campus all across the USA student ambassadors held events to introduce the courses to students and used the quiz as a way to capture opt in marketing data. Each Student Ambassador had their own unique referral link so that entries to the quiz from their link were tracked and earned them commission for their efforts.

The quiz had a bank of questions and each day a new question would show automatically on schedule. Students were encouraged to enter the quiz every day to test their knowledge and each day they entered they received a new entry to the Sweepstakes, making it more likely they’d be picked as a winner. BeeLiked’s random Winner Spinner served as the method for selecting a winner when the promotion was over.

This promotional event was run over a month and had a huge impact on the numbers of students that registered to join Kaplan’s online courses. This was just one of many promotional campaigns that BeeLiked has powered over the years for Kaplan.

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