The Clermont – Gamifed Birthday Rewards

BRAND: The Clermont Group
CONTEST: Gamified Birthday Giveaway
TYPE: Unwrap the Gift

Using gamification to generate leads and drive direct hotel bookings

The Clermont Hotel recently celebrated its birthday by creating the perfect gamified giveaway for their customers. The promotion’s main purpose was collect opt-in marketing data and give people a reason to book their next stay direct.

The available prizes were a discount of 15% off a future booking, a free afternoon tea for two, or the Grand Sweepstakes Prize of a two-night stay at The Clermont of your choice!

Achieving a 78% page conversion rate & 50% opt in to marketing through gamification.

In the competitive hospitality industry, increasing opt-in marketing data is pivotal for hotels seeking to enhance direct engagement with their customers. Direct bookings through a hotel’s own website are not only up to 30% more profitable compared to those made via third-party aggregators, but they also offer hotels crucial opportunities for upselling and fostering loyalty. By encouraging guests to opt into marketing communications, hotels can tailor their offerings to individual preferences and behaviors, enhancing guest satisfaction and repeat business. The Clermont hotels’ unwrap the gift promotion, which achieved a remarkable 78% page conversion and a 50% opt-in rate, exemplifies the power of direct communication channels in building a more profitable and personalized guest experience.

Strategic Prizes: Driving revenue and engagement through targeted promotions.

Strategically designed promotions that resonate with the interests of a hotel’s target audience can significantly amplify revenues, as demonstrated by The Clermont’s recent birthday gamified promotion. By offering prizes such as a 15% discount on future bookings, a complimentary afternoon tea for two, and a grand Sweepstakes prize of a two-night stay at any Clermont hotel, the promotion not only used gamification to incentivize direct bookings, which yield higher profits than those through aggregators like, but also cleverly markets the hotel’s amenities and variety of locations. For instance, the afternoon tea prize not only delights the winners but also serves as a powerful marketing tool, publicizing this elegant dining experience to a broader audience, thereby potentially increasing overall bookings for this service. Similarly, by showcasing the variety of their properties as part of the grand prize, The Clermont effectively taps into their guests’ desire to explore new destinations, encouraging repeat visits and further engagement with the brand.

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