BTIS – Big Money Binds Broker Incentives Program

CONTEST: Broker Incentives Program
TYPE: Digital Spin Wheel

Broker Incentives Program

BTIS is a data-driven business, that pushes the boundaries of technology by adopting or developing systems to stay ahead of its competitors. So when they were looking for a gamified broker incentive solution BeeLiked was a natural fit.

BTIS chose BeeLiked as they identified the BeeLiked platform met several key needs:

  • Flexible and robust API
  • Multiple game types
  • Entry and reward tracking
  • Automated rewards
  • Cost-efficient gamified rewards

Program Overview

Working alongside senior leadership, IT, and operational teams BeeLiked created a completely automated experience

  • The experience is personalized to each broker
  • Each eligible broker is sent a secure one-use-only link to play a game
  • Each gameplay gives the broker a chance to win instant rewards
  • As the rewards are digital they can be automatically allocated and fulfilled


Currently, there are two different programs running, and these are incentivizing and rewarding over 3k brokers every month across the USA. One is based on a spin wheel, and the other is based on the Open the envelope. As the chance of winning a reward is determined by probability the overall cost of the rewards is far less than if a standard reward program was used.

“BeeLiked has allowed us to create a truly unique broker incentive program that would not have been achieved without the use of gamification. We are saving a lot of time and money due to the scalability of the BeeLiked platform.”

Jenny Hammond | AVP Marketing | BTIS

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