Amba Hotels
Spot the Difference with Twizzy.

BRAND: Amba Hotels
CONTEST: Spot the Difference with Twizzy
TYPE: Spot the Difference

Key Stats

  • Conversion 57%
  • Opt in 52%
  • Referral 7.5%


How can you ensure that your prospective guests really study your hotel? Simply create a fun spot the difference campaign in partnership with a brand like Twizzy.

As with all hoteliers, GLH Hotels, the owners of the Amba Hotels brand were looking to increase opt-in marketing data and increase direct bookings to the Amba hotel website. This spot the difference campaign offered visitors to the website the opportunity to win a 4* London getaway simply by spotting the 5 differences in the image and then entering the sweepstakes.

The BeeLiked Studio team worked on the creative design, together with GLH’s own in-house design team and ensured the campaign looked great on whatever device it was viewed.

The campaign was a huge success achieving a 57% conversion rate (visitors to entry), a 52% opt-in to additional marketing and a 7.5% viral referral (entry via a friend’s referral link).

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