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With so many books and eBooks being published every month, many authors and publishers find promoting their book an uphill struggle. It is crucial that your book stands out from the crowd and gets noticed by both the media and your audience.

Use interactive gamified promotions to connect with your audience, build permission marketing data, build pre-launch buzz, and boost book sales by creating your own personalized interactive promotions.

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Maximize audience engagement and lead generation across social channels

BeeLiked powered campaigns have an average 55% visit to entry conversion. Promote your book with an interactive campaign, across your owned and paid channels to generate more traffic to your website than any standard promotion could hope to achieve.


Personalize your fans experience

At BeeLiked we like to create immersive campaigns that really bring characters to life and engage fans in stories. Why?

A novel is all about transporting a reader to a different world. A digital campaign can give them a taste of that world, bringing with it a sense of intrigue and anticipation. 

The team at Knopf Doubleday asked us to devise a campaign that would engage as many of Dan Brown's fans as possible, raise awareness of his new book Origin and collect data for marketing purposes

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Increase your audience's engagement

Excite your audience about your book. Take them through a personalized journey and increase their dwell time and engagement.

The BeeLiked team worked on the pre-release of John Grisham's novel Camino Island. Read how we managed to achieve an average dwell time of 40 minutes per entrant.

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Build trust and loyalty with your audience

Retaining a fan is up to 7 times less expensive than acquiring a new one. Re-engage your existing fans and increase your book sales and revenue.

Generate unique personalized links inviting them to play a game of chance, to win a prize of your choosing, such as signed books, meet and greets or other incentives. 

Track the ROI of your campaign. Fun, easy and rewarding campaigns trigger positive emotions and deepen fan engagement and loyalty.

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Understand your audience

With an average visit to entry conversion rate of 55%, BeeLiked's gamified promotions will provide you and your CRM team with the opt-in marketing data and customer insights that other promotions could only dream of achieving. 

BeeLiked helps authors and publishers collect high-quality, GDPR compliant first-party data. Our highly engaging interactive campaigns are designed to be always-on generating all the data you need for audience segmentation, targeting and personalized product recommendations.

BeeLiked's Customer Success team can work with you to ensure you achieve a GDPR marketing opt-in rate of over 50%. 

The Beeliked competition stats for Easter were really good - we're really excited to do more of these campaigns and see it as an important tool to grow our database.”
Jennifer Edwards | eCRM & Content Manager
"We have never been able to offer fans a unique, intimate experience like this before. Through BeeLiked’s service, we have been able to manage and track the entire contest and couldn't be more delighted with the results."
Suzanne Herz | Director Of Marketing | Knopf Doubleday
"Beeliked helped us ensure the campaign was both relevant and unique. Generating tens of thousands of followers, fans and strong engagement levels, we were delighted with the impact it had on our brand."
Jon Danks | Head Of Marketing UK & Ireland |South African Airways
“The BeeLiked team is incredibly forward-thinking and they followed that through with excellent support. The design and functionality went beyond what I could have imagined." 
Marissa Sangiacomo | Marketing Manager | St. Martin’s Press
“The BeeLiked team is incredibly forward-thinking and they followed that through with excellent support. The design and functionality went beyond what I could have imagined." 
Marissa Sangiacomo | Marketing Manager | St. Martin’s Press
"BeeLiked saves us both time and money. By quickly re-configuring and dropping in some fresh designs we can rapidly deploy a new campaign from a base template in hours."
Alan Ward | Senior Digital Project Manager | The Beano
"BeeLiked has been an incredible partner and is our gamification technology partner of choice. They have gone above and beyond to ensure that our campaigns are successful and that our clients are happy. Using their platform, we can regularly pitch and execute innovative gamified digital campaigns for our CPG clients."
Saundra Robinson | Social Media Manager | August United
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Penguin Random House
South African Airways
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