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From designing to moderating and analyzing your promotion, BeeLiked has you covered



Thanks to our ever-growing portfolio of promotions, engaging your online audience has never been easier.

With over 20 different ready-to-use promotions and games, Beeliked enables you to activate your next digital marketing campaign in just a few clicks.

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Customize your theme to fit your company brand guidelines. Implement your font, colors and custom CSS to make your promotions stand out. One-click applies across all your promotions.

  • Make style updates to your promotions without CSS knowledge

  • View changes immediately with microsite preview and draft link

  • Apply themes across multiple promotions

  • Use replacement tags to personalize the experience. While in the editor, choose from the winner’s name, previous answers, prize, and many other options

Easy campaign setup


Set up your promotion by following our simple step-by-step campaign builder.

  • Easily add or remove features at the flick of a switch
  • Entry form builder, social entry or un-social form
  • Choose from a range of templates & layouts
  • Preview your promotion on desktop or mobile with draft link & code
  • Fully mobile optimized. Embed on your website, blog or custom domain


Take advantage of flexible hosting and delivery options for all the Experiences you create using BeeLiked.

With a single click, you can publish:

  • mobile-first landing pages or microsites hosted by BeeLiked, without the help of IT
  • or embed an experience as a mobile-responsive widget on your existing website
  • or as a mobile app using auto-generated, SEO-optimized code
  • or even to in-venue screens 

Control everything from within BeeLiked - make changes or updates without any support from your IT team, and without needing to change any embed code on your website or app.

Third party integration


Integrate first-party data with your CRM, CDP, ESP or other customer data systems and link first-party data with your customer identity or social login system.


Stay in control of your promotion with the BeeLiked dashboard. Login, update and manage your promotion with ease.

  • Moderate entries, publish and delete
  • Create shortlists of entries 
  • Pick winners daily, weekly or monthly with winner spinner
  • Allocate prizes for your game players to win. These can be vouchers for your store or product, a discount code, or even merchandise
  • You can set and manage the prizes from the BeeLiked platform, and automatically send notifications to winners.
  • Filter and analyze data
Winner spinner picker
Analyse audience data

Grow, Enrich, Personalize

Grow - Capture opt-in data and automatically push this into your CRM, ESP or CDP. 

Enrich - Continuously enrich your audience CDP/CRM profiles as a result of engagement with your promotions.

Personalize - keep your data accurate, relevant and current by ensuring the data points are coming directly from your audience. Allowing you to continually deliver effective personalization, at the right time.

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Know your audience

Monitor and analyze statistics. Track performance throughout the duration of your promotion.

  • Monitor the conversion rate of your promotion
  • View which networks are preferred by your audience 
  • Measure traffic with Google Analytics (or your preferred tool)
  • View statistics on newsletter opt-ins, reach and demographics
  • Track sales with pixels or trackable links 

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There are over 20 different types of promotions and games and to pick from. Start as many promotions as you need to engage your audience, grow leads, drive revenue and build loyalty. See some of our Interactive Promotions here. 


Enables organizations to deliver repeatable and scalable audience engagement experiences quickly and flexibly.

Low cost

Designed for simplicity, BeeLiked doesn’t need complex or costly implementation. Our plans are built for all businesses. 


Provides a platform-based approach that is fast to deploy, measurable, cost-effective and requires no specialist skills to use. Update your brand guidelines once and apply them across all your promotions. Mobile-friendly templates, to ensure even the most complex interactive promotions look perfect on all screen sizes.


Reduce your dependency upon creative agencies and start to optimize promotional campaign management in-house. We integrate with many third-party apps to ensure your promotions can push data where you need it to go.

Low risk

A proven platform, BeeLiked removes implementation risk from technology adoption.

Demonstrate ROI

Review, monitor and derive insights at every touchpoint in your promotion. Segment your audience to personalize re-marketing for your lead generation and loyalty campaigns. 

The Beeliked competition stats for Easter were really good - we're really excited to do more of these campaigns and see it as an important tool to grow our database.”
Jennifer Edwards | eCRM & Content Manager
"We have never been able to offer fans a unique, intimate experience like this before. Through BeeLiked’s service, we have been able to manage and track the entire contest and couldn't be more delighted with the results."
Suzanne Herz | Director Of Marketing | Knopf Doubleday
"Beeliked helped us ensure the campaign was both relevant and unique. Generating tens of thousands of followers, fans and strong engagement levels, we were delighted with the impact it had on our brand."
Jon Danks | Head Of Marketing UK & Ireland |South African Airways
“The BeeLiked team is incredibly forward-thinking and they followed that through with excellent support. The design and functionality went beyond what I could have imagined." 
Marissa Sangiacomo | Marketing Manager | St. Martin’s Press
"BeeLiked saves us both time and money. By quickly re-configuring and dropping in some fresh designs we can rapidly deploy a new campaign from a base template in hours."
Alan Ward | Senior Digital Project Manager | The Beano
"BeeLiked has been an incredible partner and is our gamification technology partner of choice. They have gone above and beyond to ensure that our campaigns are successful and that our clients are happy. Using their platform, we can regularly pitch and execute innovative gamification campaigns for our CPG client's digital campaigns." 
Saundra Robinson I Social Media Manager I August United
glh logo-1
Penguin Random House
South African Airways
St. Martins Press

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