Gamified Rewards
your team will love

BeeLiked Rewards is the hassle-free way to reward your team and control costs. Boost your team’s productivity with personalized invitations to play fun instant win reward games customized to your brand.

Rewards to satisfy all your team members

Actual rewards based on availability within your country

Costs that Work for You

Control your costs

Whether you are a small business or large corporation, our rewards program is affordable and based on the value of rewards you wish to give.

Because we don’t combine your rewards spend with your subscription costs, you don’t have to pay large upfront costs to get started with BeeLiked rewards.

Prices start from as little $100 per month.

Quick and Easy

No hassle for you

Easily recognize team members for contributing to company initiatives, such as referral programs, quarterly goals, health and wellness activities, and more.

Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries in a fun, personal way without adding manual administration.

BeeLiked rewards minimize the administration time needed to turn recognition into tangible rewards.

Personalized Rewards

Fun & engaging

A cool office alone doesn’t create a successful business. Our rewards program can be tailored to your brand, mission, values, and people – so you can cultivate a winning company culture.

Make recognition more impactful by connecting it to your company’s core values and giving visibility to everyone’s contributions.

Meaningful Rewards

Recognize your employees

Recognition empowers employees to send praise to their peers and allows managers to formally reward hard work.

Build a scalable culture of recognition by empowering everyone to recognize their peers, direct reports, and managers.

Ready to find out how BeeLiked Rewards can create a recognition-rich culture at your company?