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Create a buzz with this product launch campaign! Each entry slowly reveals a hidden image of your new product!

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The ultimate product launch campaign

Create a buzz around a new product launch and reward fans with a discount coupon. Each entry reveals a little more of the image, incentivising your fan base to keep sharing the campaign and invite friends. Great for social media ROI!

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Campaign features

Fully mobile optimized. Embed on your website, blog or Facebook page.

Set an entry goal

Our product launch campaign let's you decide how many entries are needed to reveal the product.

Choose which pieces reveal last

Don't reveal your new product too fast! Our software let's you decide which pieces reveal last

Rewards entrants with a coupon

Gather social media ROI by offering fans a coupon code to purchase your new product!

Collect opt in marketing data

Collect as much or as little marketing data as you wish, as well as encourage opt in to your marketing newsletters.

Custom brand your campaign

Completely brand the page as you wish, choose from multiple templates, add your own fonts, colors and custom CSS.

Fully mobile optimized

Embed your campaign on your wordpress site, webpage, blog and Facebook page with a small snippet of code or plug-in.

Product Launch Case Studies

Here are some examples of successful product launch campaigns run via our platform.

Talenti Gelato

Campaign name
Talenti Gelato Image Reveal
Campaign type
Image Reveal
About Campaign

Talenti Gelato used BeeLiked’s Image Reveal campaign for an exciting new product launch. They were socially revealing four new flavors of ice cream and a brand new look. With each entry revealing a little more of the new products.

As a thank you the brand offered a $1 discount coupon to anyone who shared out their campaign and revealed some of the image!

Everyone loves sweet treats! And Talenti’s product launch was no exception, with thousands of people entering the competition. The new look and product range were a real hit with their fan base, all of whom were excited to be the first to find out which exciting new flavors they were offering.

Image Reveal was an excellent choice for this campaign, as it combines the anticipation of a “reveal” with the shareability needed to gather such great results!

Campaign Results

The campaign had some great results! With 1000 shares per day for the first three days, it’s clear that Talenti Gelato made an impact. They reached their final goal of 7852 shares in total, and their campaign launch was a success.

Campaign Stats
  • 7,852



    First 3 days


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