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Price drop

A collective buying campaign! Put a product on sale, each entry drops the price until the target is reached.

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Price Drop is a fun & innovative collective buying campaign

Let your audience decide what they pay! Each entry drops the price of your chosen product until the target price is reached. All entrants can then be sent a coupon code to make a purchase at the reduced price. Drive traffic and improve your social media roi with this ecommerce campaign!

Price drop software
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  • Enter contest
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Price Drop features

Our eCommerce campaign is fully mobile optimized. Embed on your website, blog or Facebook page.

Set a starting price & target price

Our eCommerce campaign let's you decide a starting price and the target price you wish to reach

Choose the value of each entry

Set the value each entry drops the price by, we can then work out how many entries you need to reach your target!

Send entrants a coupon at the new price

Send entrants a coupon to buy the item at the new price, or sell a limited amount of stock to everyone in store!

Collect opt in marketing data

Collect as much or as little marketing data as you wish, as well as encourage opt in to your marketing newsletters.

Custom brand your landing page

Completely brand the page as you wish, choose from multiple templates, add your own fonts, colors and custom CSS.

Fully mobile optimized

Embed your collective buying campaign on your wordpress site, webpage, blog and Facebook page with a small snippet of code or plug-in.

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